Newbie Newsletter

A special welcome to this months newbies

Congratulations! You've made the leap...

Hey! I'm Dayna, one of the Dream Team Leaders and I too was once a newbie, just like you. I remember being in your shoes - excited at the possibility, but slightly deer in headlights with all the information. How was I so successful? I trusted in my leaders and did what they said - I put my head down and put the work in. You don't need to know it all to be successful (trust me, the knowledge will come).

The only thing we can't help you with is your choice to DO or NOT DO. We can't make you put in the work - that's entirely up to you. The Hustle IS sold separately. So bring it.

This newsletter is for all the newbies from last month. It's a cheat sheet of information, tips and tricks that I hope will help you build your business fast and strong.

Reach out, say hello. I would love to hear from you.

What You Need To Know:

Your Upline

Here are a few of the leaders in your upline lineage (besides your direct) and our contact info. Read up on your leaders in their blog posts. Reach out to us. We are here to help you succeed!

Your Upline

Dayna Stephens - Your nearest L5 - DREAM TEAM Leader -

Danielle Hoetemer Mote - DREAM TEAM L5 Leader -

Kristen Bergeon -

Jen Dede Kelley - Kelly Konnection Leader - Level 5 - BLOG POST

Rachel Cannon - Cannon & Cunningham Leader - RFX Lexus Driver - BLOG POST

Lacy Cunningham - Cannon & Cunningham Leader - Premiere L5 Lexus Driver - BLOG POST

Other notable leaders in our upline who you may hear about:

Julianne Hoerman - BLOG POST

Karen Rector- BLOG POST

Christy Nutter - BLOG POST

Elizabeth Guess - BLOG POST

Facebook Pages - What's What and Who's Who

You may be added to some of these pages already. We don't want to overwhelm you with notifications, so when you are ready to be added, ask your direct to add you in. You can ALWAYS turn OFF notifications for a certain group. That way, you can use it as a resource without being drowned in pings.

I personally keep them OFF for every group except Dream Team, but I check Kelly Connection and C&C each day.

  • Dream Team - Our immediate team's page for learning, sharing, asking questions and shout outs. Lead by all L2 consultants. Its a team effort here :)
  • The Kelley Konnection - Lead by Jen Dede Kelly, this page is for her downline. Inspiration, announcements & incentives.
  • Cannon and Cunningham Crew Community - an interactive page for questions, support, shout outs and learning. Includes the entire C&C Crew.
  • L4L Cannon & Cunningham Crew - This is where you would share a FB post that you want people to like. Rule is like/ comment on the previous 5 posts before you post yours. Don't over use this. If the only people liking your posts are R+F people, your network will see through it. Be strategic.
  • Christy's Crew - Headed up by Christy Nutter. A good place to find inspiration, learn, and watch leaders who may have been here a while, or find other people who have just started too.
  • Independent Consultants of Color - A FB group specifically for consultants of color. Support, education and community. Dedicated to bringing more diversity to the R+F leader boards!

Need an Answer? Here's how to find stuff & get help

We are always here to help you find an answer or a resource, but make sure you are aware of the resources available to you. Check them first, and then ask up.

PC Question? Need help with an order? Call Sales Support.

  • Sale Support - 415-273-8000 (save this in your phone)
  • Hour of Operation- 6am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time
  • Email (take 48 hours)

Product Question? Need more specific advice for a PC?

Searchable Website Database & Weekly Team Newsletter

  • C&C Website -
  • The website is a gold mine of knowledge gathered by our whole team over the years, but don't get lost there. Its more like a resource to peruse when you need info or inspiration.
  • TIP: Use the Search Bar to find what you need by keyword.

Training, How- To's, Before & Afters, All the Knowledge Bombs We Have for You:

Success Stories of other Consultants to share with Prospects

  • Redefine Your Future Blog located HERE. Search bar in the upper right to search any term that might help you find a blog that will resonate with your prospect "stay at home mom, twins, army wife, lawyer" etc.

Corporate Training, Programs & Product Information

  • Biz Dev Library (in Pulse, look for the correct tab) -

Tips for Success from Your Leaders

Top 5 Tips for a Fast, Successful Start.

Wendi Green is about to celebrate her 3 year anniversary with R+F and she has almost 20K C's in her Organization! (and her paycheck is in the upper 6 figures...a MONTH)

HOLY &%*#BALLS BATMAN! This woman is a major girl crush, and a dynamite leader. Learn from the success before you - she's clearly doing something right! Here are some of her tips for getting started fast & strong

#1) Set 2-3 BBL’s in your first 30-60 days to give your guests attendance options. Setting two dates let's you set your self up for success right away by spreading out your PC orders over multiple months, and gets you talking about the business to prospects while your business partner is there to support you. If you have more than one geographical area where you know people, set up BBLs in all those places.

#2) Make your List and make it BIG. Use the Memory Jogger (located in Pulse), scroll through your phone, through your FB friend list, high school year book, whatever. Don't pre-judge people, just write them down and share. Send out 200 messages in your first 60 days. That’s 25 a week… 3-5 a day. If you aren’t willing to reach out to 3-5 people a day about this, it’s going to take your business a lot longer to get off the ground. If that seems crazy, think about it like this: if this was a 9-5 job and you were hired to reach out to just 3-5 people a day about your company, could you do it? Absolutely. This will become your first lesson in "treat it like a business and it will pay like a business. Treat it like a hobby, and it will pay like a hobby".

  • I wanna pause here to say that Wendi's advice is phenomenal, and IF you are looking to replace a Full Time Job or grow a substantial, life changing paycheck this is the advice you need to follow. But, if you just want to do this as a hobby and make $500 a month, thats cool too. Scale it back if that seems overwhelming. Just make sure your activity is matching your goals and you will never be disappointed.

  • We are here to support you no matter if your goals is to make $500 a month or $50K a month. Be clear about what YOU want and share that with your direct. That's the best way we can scale our support & advice to match what you want.

#3) In the first 30 days focus on bringing your direct at least 15 three-way calls.

Not only is this crucial to building your business, it's the best training you can find. Listening to your upline talk about this business and handling objections will train you to do the same. You don't have to know everything to grow a team - all you need is excitement about the opportunity. We will help you grow but you are the only one who can bring the calls.

#4) Listen to Training Calls — find one and listen every week. This is crucial to your business. If you truly want to be successful, become a student of this business. Learn about the products, the history, the business model. Listen to the people who have been successful before you, learn from them. Romi Neudstadt has a call every Sunday Night that features a different topic each week - I really enjoy them.

POWERCall Every Sunday

6 pm PT / 7 pm MT / 8 pm CT / 9 pm ET/ 10 pm AT
Call in:
641-715-3670; Code: 411750
Replay: 641-715-3669-; Same Code

#5) Consistency is EVERYTHING. If there is one personal lesson I could pass to you it would be this one. You have all the excitement to build up your "Activity Muscle". Its like this. If you don't workout for 3 weeks, that first workout back in the gym feels like - WOOF. But, if you do a little something every day, even if its just a power walk - you will be a lot closer to your fitness goals & a big workout won't be such a killer. Same is true for your business. Even if you can't do as much as you would like, just do SOMETHING every. single. day.

Get in the habit of setting goals (daily, weekly, monthly), writing them down & checking in with your direct each week. Here's an example of my ongoing goals:

Daily - reach out to 3 new people, follow up with 2 people

Weekly - one FB post about R+F, one event (R+F) & one social event to expand my network

Monthly - Check in with existing PC's, Powershot with my direct & my team