By Kailyn & and Ella

Where is the Tar- Pamlico river basin located?

The Tar-Pamlico river rises as a freshwater stream in the Piedmont, close to Roxboro and changes into brackish water when it ravels down from Washington to the Pamlico sound.

How many miles of streams and rivers are included in this basin?

There are 2,335 miles or rivers and streams that are a part of the Tar-Pamlico river basin.

How many people live in the river basin?

About 414,929 people live in Tar-Pamlico.

Description of Tar-Pamlico

A) 5 important places/ land forms in Tar-Pamlico

-Lake Mattamuskeet

-Swan Quarter

-Pocosin Lakes

-Pamlico Sound




-Grand Vill Vance

B) nonpoint pollutants

These include farmland, timber operations and urban storm water drains

C) point source pollutants

This region began to attract public concern in the 1980's. The over growth of algae, increasing numbers of dying fish, and decreasing water quality.

D) One solution to non-point source pollutants

To stop the storm water drains from going into Tar-Pamlico they should send the water to be recycled AFTER cleaning the water and with the farm land they should make farmers pay a fine if their animals waste is not being treated right.

E) One solution to point source pollutants

To help the river less hazardous they formed a coalition, and each municipality agreed to do the following: either reduce the nutrient levels in the wastewater discharged by its treatment plant or offset its share of pollution by investing in farming practices that reduce nutrient runoff in the basin by an equal or greater amount.