Train Wrecked

By: Ty Jackson

When it first happened

I was coming home from school, it was a normal day. Then, I hear my dad call me and say” I need to talk to you”. He had this dead faced look so I knew…it wasn’t good news. When I seen his face my joyful smile vanished into a I just watched a scary movie in theatres worried face. Then he told me straight up” your uncle died”. I didn’t know which one he was talking about. I said “who” and he said “Chris”. My face froze like I caught a major brain freeze; I was in denial because I was just with him. After I shed my tears my dad gave me more detail about what happened.

The end of the story

He said that it happened two days before he told me because; he didn’t want me to be upset at school. He also said that my uncle wasn’t the one driving and died because, the car got hit by a train. It was on Google and the news so I looked it up. I went to the funeral and I couldn’t do anything but cry, there were a lot of people there so it made it worse. I still think about him always because he was one of my favorite uncles and I and he were closer than I am with my own blood brother. I got over my problem by thinking about him with everything I did and it made me do things even harder. Like playing basketball, every time I think about him when I play I play harder and work harder. He was the best and we always shared laughs and we would still do it until…he got train wrecked!