Where to Live

By: Patrick Mulhall

United States and Canada Living Options

There are many living choices here in the United States as well as in our northern neighbor, Canada. As you get older, these choices become difficult for you and that's what this page is here for; to tell you about a few places that you might want to live in such as Canada, New Hampshire, or any of the other 49 states!

New Hampshire

Crime: 991 Crime Index, 3rd safest state in the US

Economy: Almost fully recovered from the Great Recession

Taxes: Average Property Tax - 13.44%, Income Tax - 5%

Schools: 10th best education in the US, 1.19% dropout rate

Racial Makeup: 93% Caucasian, 2% Latino/Hispanic, 2% Asian, 3% Other

Climate: Average Temperature in January - 46 F, Average Temperature in July - 70 F

Jobs/Unemployment Rate: 5.1% unemployment rate (goal is 3.5%)

Recreation Available: Hiking, Skiing, Fishing, Camping, ATVing, Boating, etc.

Property Values and Income: Average Income - $64,925; Median House Value - $245,600

Sports in Area: Basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball, Soccer, Field Hockey, Football

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Ontario, Canada

Crime: Lowest crime rate in all provinces at 5,689 per 100,000 people

Economy: Largest economy in Canada, rich and diversified

Taxes: Income Tax - 5.05%

Schools: Literacy Rate for males and females - 99%

Racial Makeup: 75.4% Caucasian, 17.4% Asians, 4.5% African Americans, 2.7% other

Climate: The climate is cold most of the year, ranges from -4 C to 22 C year round

Jobs/Unemployment Rate: 10.1% Unemployment Rate

Recreation Available: Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Canoeing, Cross-Country skiing

Property Values and Income: Average Value - $298,500; Average Income - $76,000

Sports in Area: Hockey, Curling, Basketball, Canadian Football, Lacrosse

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North Carolina

Crime Rate: 37.23 per 1000 residents

Schools: Has multiple high ranked schools to choose from

Economy: Has an agrarian economy

Climate: In July the average temperature is 90 F and in January it is 50 F

Taxes: Income tax rate is 5.8%

Racial Makeup: 70% Caucasian, 21.3% African American, 6.5% Hispanic, 1.2% American Indian

Property Values and Income: The average home value is $144,500 and the average household income is $45,570

Jobs/Unemployment: 8% unemployment rate

Recreation Available: Swimming at beaches, golfing, hiking, camping, etc.

Sports in Area: NASCAR, football, golf, soccer, basketball, swimming, hockey, etc.

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I stand behind my decision of moving from New Hampshire to North Carolina and my main reason is because of the rivalry between these two colleges: UNC and Duke. After researching, I know realize there is more to do in this state than just a rivalry between colleges. I could do outdoor activities, I could attend one of those great schools, and it is nice out year round. I would leave New Hampshire for North Carolina when I'm older if i got the opportunity.