Students getting a little bit better than the day before!

Who is Mrs. Smith, the math teacher?

During my days of college, I had a conversation with my Dad about the vision I had about my classroom. I told him that I did not want students to just come in and learn math. I wanted my students to get an experience that they would not soon forget. I wanted to teach math topics in a very innovative way so that students were excited to be in class and might even be excited to come back! I want to go back to this vision and remember what I really wanted to accomplish when I first set out as a brand new teacher. I also want others to be able to see this vision by providing a window into my classroom. I want to create a story through technology allowing others to comment, add ideas and use some of my ideas to better my classroom as well as their own. I am excited to get back to what I have always truly felt was important to have in my classroom. An exciting year is ahead as I see students grow...grow...grow!

Professional Goals

It will be really important to track my student's progress throughout the course of their learning. I want them to take ownership of this part. In order for me to track the progress of my class this year, I will be creating a digital portfolio where anyone can see into my classroom if they choose. The following are the professional goals that I have for the year.
Math class needs a makeover - Dan Meyer


I am going to need TIME in order to put all this work together and to keep up with it. I also will need to meet with Jess so I can have help with online tools that are available that would help present the information I get from my students. I also would like to be able to meet with Josh to go over the progress of my students more frequently so that I can have specific times to have all my information put together. It will help me to be more self-accountable.