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Rock Creek Elementary- January 7, 2021

Newsletter for Rock Creek Elementary

Rock Creek Elementary School is a community on a mission to develop compassionate, responsible, lifelong learners. We strive to cultivate thinking, and inquiry that empowers students to engage in a changing world.

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Mark your Calendar

Dates to Remember


01/07 Library Curbside Pick-Up 11:00 am-12:00 pm

01/07 1st Grade & 3rd grade Packet Pick-Up 11:00 am-12:00 pm

01/11 Library Curbside Pick-Up 2:30-4:00 pm

01/11 Just Right Books for 1st & 2nd Grade Pick-up 2:30-4:00 pm

01/12 PTC Zoom Meeting

01/27 Principal Chat (Zoom) 11 am -12 pm moved to 1/27

01/13 Library Book Bus (See below for stop information)

01/14 Library Curbside Pick-Up 11:00 am-12:00 pm

01/18 SCHOOL CLOSED- Martin Luther King Jr Day

01/20 Synchronous Day

01/20 Library Book Bus (See below for stop information)

01/21 Library Curbside Pick-Up 11:00 am-12:00 pm

01/25 Library Curbside Pick-Up 2:30-4:00 pm

01/25 Just Right Books for 1st & 2nd Grade Pick-up 2:30-4:00 pm

01/26 Picture Day (Tentatively Scheduled)

01/27 Library Book Bus (See below for stop information)

01/28 Library Curbside Pick-Up 11:00 am-12:00 pm
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Dear Rock Creek Families,

I would like to share with you some of the professional learning that our staff has been engaged in. In sharing this, my hope is that you will understand the deep work that we are doing to understand and support the needs of all our students.

Yesterday, our Rock Creek staff participated in a webinar with Dr. Gholdy Muhammad. Her message was powerful and called on each of us to reflect on our work and our practice. Our BSD Teaching & Learning team brought Dr. Muhammad here yesterday with the intent of inspiring us to be better, to reflect, to challenge each other, and to improve our current practices.

Our staff has requested to participate in more professional development like yesterday’s and the District is working with the Office of Equity and Inclusion and classroom teachers to continue this learning journey in upcoming Professional Learning.

As a District, BSD recognizes there is a need to look at curricular materials critically to ensure they are inclusive. Knowing that the “perfect curriculum,” does not exist, we will continue to use the materials and best practices that were adopted in BSD, and use the collective knowledge of teachers and students to make adjustments as we move towards the framework for Culturally and Historically Responsive Literacy that Gholdy shared yesterday with our staff. This will take time and grace with one another as we learn and try new ideas, and when we fall short, we will continue to respond.

Gholdy shared the 4 pursuits of her framework for Culturally and Historically Responsive Literacy: Identity, Skills, Intellect and Criticality. And today she shared with us the 5th pursuit, JOY!

In the pursuit of Identity, let’s follow Gholdy’s lead and ask ourselves, “How will each lesson or unit plan help students know something about their identities?”

In the pursuit of Skills, let’s ask ourselves, “How will we hold students to high standards while being culturally responsive?”

In the pursuit of Intellect, let’s ask ourselves, “How will my instruction build students’ knowledge and mental powers?”

In the pursuit of Criticality, let’s ask ourselves, “How will I actively teach about and disrupt oppression in my practice?”

In the pursuit of Joy, let’s ask ourselves, “What am I doing today that creates joy in learning?”

Dr. Muhammad advocates, “We must start their stories and identities with their excellence.” This is where you can begin the work.

This is important work that will benefit all of our students and I am so proud to be part of a District that is engaged in it.

Be well,




Starting January 4th- New Office Contact Hours

The school office staff will be available for pickup or drop-offs during the following hours only:

Mondays: 2 pm -4 pm

Tuesday -Friday: 10 am -12:00 pm

Office staff will be available by phone 503-356-2452 and email 8:00 am -4:00 pm Monday thru Friday.

Please note: These hours may be subject to change depending on what is happening with the metrics.

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1st grade and 3rd grade teachers have packets for students to pick up Monday, January 4th from 2:30-4:00 pm or on Thursday, January 7th from 10:00 am -12:00 pm.

Kindergarten- If you didn't get a chance to get your packet from the Book bus on Wednesday, the packets are at school and can be picked up from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.



Immunizations are required by state law for children and students in attendance at public and private schools, preschools, child care facilities and Head Start programs in Oregon. Nearly every facility that provides care for a child outside the home requires immunizations or a medical or non-medical exemption to remain enrolled.

Children who are not up-to-date on their immunizations by February 17, 2021 will be excluded from school until their immunizations are updated. During Comprehensive Distance Learning, that means students will be put on a list and will not be allowed on campus for any reason until they’re up-to-date (i.e. no limited-in-person activities, no hybrid learning, no in-person learning, no athletics, no school events).

Keeping children up-to-date on immunizations will help schools transition safely and quickly to in-person learning when they’re able.

Students and families in the Beaverton School District may access immunizations at both the Beaverton School-Based Health Center and the Merlo School-Based Health Center in addition to their own health care providers.

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For our January assembly we want to share with each other how we stay out of the Blue Zone during the long, cold, and gloomy days of winter. There are many things you can do to help yourself stay out of the Blue Zone. For the next couple of weeks Miss Solberg and Ms Jusko will be sharing with you many ways of doing this.

Please take some time before January 21 to do something that makes you feel happy during these long, cold, and gloomy days of winter. Take a picture of yourself (and your family if they want to be included) doing your activity or you could make a short video (no more than 1 minute and taking with the camera being held horizontally). I will include as many of them as I can in the assembly which will come out on the 28th of January. You can email you pictures or videos to

Here are a few ideas from Seattle's Children Hospital:

  1. Create a nature book: Grab a camera, colored pencils, glue and a notebook and explore nature. Have kids write down observations and draw pictures of plants and animals. Collect twigs, leaves and flowers and glue them in the nature book. See how many plants a child can collect and take lots of pictures to document the places you explore.
  2. Go on a scavenger hunt: Make a list of items – pinecones, rocks, seeds, etc. Take a basket and collect the items on the list. Be sure to cross out each item you find. Add descriptors to the list as well – something smooth, rough, brown.
  3. Take a night hike: All you need is a flashlight or headlamp, warm clothes and walking shoes. Get the family together and take a night hike around the neighborhood.
  4. Collect rocks: Collect various rocks for rock crafts. All you need is glue, paint, and wiggle eyes.
  5. Watch for wildlife: Grab binoculars, a magnifying glass and a pencil and paper and go for a wildlife watch. Have kids draw the animals they discover.
  6. Go on a color hunt: Grab a couple of color swatches and take the family on a “color hunt.” Help kids write down the color and name of each item and draw a picture of each find.
  7. Take a bike ride: Take a family bike ride around the neighborhood. Make sure the whole family wears helmets!

If you don't want to go outside, try these activities:

  1. Create something that makes you happy.
  2. Snuggle up under a warm blanket and read a book.
  3. Cook your favorite treat.
This is just a few ideas. I am sure you can come up with some great activities. I can't wait to see what you do to stay out of or get out of the Blue Zone!

Marjorie (Marjie) Downing
Technology Instructor
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OBOB Parents:

Emails went out to team parents January 4th about the battle schedule for their team as well as mock battles happening January 19, 20, and 21. Please let me know if you did not get an email - Looking forward to getting the battles started!

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During the dreary winter months, many of us struggle with being depressed or being in the blue zone (Zones of Regulation) as we describe it to our students. This link has an article that gives some suggestions about ways to get out of the blue zone. It's written for adults, but I think the ideas can easily be adjusted for you to use with your children.
Michelle Solberg, Counselor
Rock Creek Elementary School
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Join us for our first meeting of 2021, Tuesday (2/12) at 6:30pm via Zoom.

Meeting ID: 832 7875 2130
Password: PTC2020

All Rock Creek Parents are automatically members of the Parent Teacher Club (PTC). The PTC is a great way to learn about the exciting things happening at Rock Creek. There are tons of ways to get involved! Connect with the PTC at our meetings, on Facebook, via text message (text: @rcptcto 81010 to join) and through our website. Also, we just joined Instagram - follow us at @RockCreekPTC!


The Digital Directory is now available via a password protected page at:

The password was sent home via a school email on 12/18. If you need help with the password, please email

Reminder: This information provided is for Rock Creek Elementary School students and families only. It is to be used only for personal use. This information may not be sold, distributed, shared, or used for monetary or professional gain in anyway. This Digital Directory is a collection of information provided voluntarily by parents and guardians with their permission to share in our school. This information is protected by federal student privacy laws.

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We have some Rock Creek families who still need to pay for their Device Protection. If you enrolled in the Damage/Loss Protection Program and have not paid the $20.00 fee, you may pay for the coverage using the District's Online Payment System. Here is the link to pay online: Online Payments.

For more information, please visit

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Supports for Families

We at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University recognize that in these unprecedented times you are working hard to support your child’s literacy learning at home as best you can. We want to help. To that end, we have created free offerings for families. We hope these will bring more joy into home literacy learning. We will be adding to these regularly; check this page for updates and additions!

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Book Bus Schedule and Curbside Pick-Up Times

(This Schedule is also on the Rock Creek Website. Click on Academics & then Library Bus & Curbside Check Out!)


Library Book Bus Stops (Each stop will last about 20 minutes)

1:35 pm NW Elk Run Dr @ NW 177th Pl

2:02 pm NW Holcomb Dr & NW Millstone Way
2:28 pm NW Buckboard Dr @ Mid Block
2:57 pm NW Deerfield Dr & NW 180th Pl

3:27 pm NW Rock Creek Blvd @ NW Mahama Way (East Entrance)

Please wear a mask and bring a book bag!

If you don't know how to place a hold here is a short video.

Placing a Hold in Destiny

Curbside Library Book Check-Out

Please wear a mask and bring a bookbag.

Mondays 2:30 - 4:00

Thursdays 11:00 - 12:00

Returning Library Books and Devices- Please ring the doorbell if returning a device.

Rock Creek will have a book return bin waiting for your books outside the main office doors,

Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 3:00 pm.

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January Wiser Kids K-5 Newsletter

You can subscribe here.

January's issue features:

Current Services at Cedar Mill & Bethany Libraries

STEM for School Age Kids: Books with activities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics for kids.

Picture Book Biographies About Ground Breaking Females: New picture book biographies about women and girls who have done extraordinary things.

Picture Books for Lunar New Year: Celebrate Lunar New Year!

Multi-Age Family Read Alouds: Great read alouds for families with kids 8 and up.

Parenting Power: New titles in the Parenting Collection.

How to Search by IRLA Reading Level: This video shows you how to search the WCCLS catalog for IRLA books.

Virtual Read to the Dogs program for beginning or struggling readers with DoveLewis Canine Therapy Team!

Cedar Mill Library OBOB Page: Find OBOB practice questions and OBOB Trivia Grades 3-5 on Kahoot!

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Check out this link for fun enrichment Ideas. It is updated every Friday with new activities.
Enrichment Ideas
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Nurse News: Immunizations and Flu

A reminder from your School Nurse to please ensure your child is up to date on all immunizations. Any child not up to date on immunizations will be excluded from on-campus activities and/or learning on exclusion day (February 17th, 2020) until immunizations are complete. Please contact your health care provider and start any immunization "catch up” your child may need now. Vaccines are also available through Virginia Garcia and Neighborhood Health School Based Health Centers, or find another location at

Be a Flu Fighter this year! Cold and flu season has arrived, and this is a great time to get your flu vaccines. There are many flu vaccine options to choose from, but the most important thing is that all people 6 months and older get a flu vaccine every year. Talk with your provider about which flu vaccine is best for you and your children.

Take everyday actions to stop the spread of germs. Wash your hands often with soap and water, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, and wash your hands often with soap and water. If you become sick, limit your contact with others to keep from infecting them.

Please feel free to contact your school nurse at with any questions. Your school nurse can also provide you with additional resources about vaccinations and other health topics. To learn more about adolescent vaccines, please visit the CDC’s website at

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BSD students in grades K-5 are encouraged to enter the 2nd Annual Walk + Roll Art Contest. This year’s theme is “Places We Love to Walk + Roll.” The deadline to enter is January 29. The grand prize is a new bicycle from WashCo Bikes. Visit for contest details.

Resolve to Be More Active!

January is the perfect time to build new healthy habits. Try to incorporate a walk or bike ride into your daily routine. The CDC recommends children get 60 minutes of daily physical activity.

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The District has more than 10,600 library books that are overdue or lost. In addition, we have more than 2,200 textbooks and devices (those that are NOT currently being used for Comprehensive Distance Learning) that also need to be returned. Some of these items are likely under your student’s bed or sitting in a backpack.

We desperately need to recover these items or the associated fines for the lost items. Only then can schools begin to replace books and devices for future use.

Please search for overdue and lost items: library books, textbooks from last school year and school-issued devices (iPads, Chromebooks) that your student isn’t currently using. Search your in-box, too, for any emails from ( or (, which will indicate that your student has a missing item.

Then return that item to any BSD school. You have several options: (Please arrive in a mask.)

  • Return items to your school during regular school hours. Some schools also may offer evening drop-off hours. Check with your school’s newsletter for additional drop-off hours and directions.

  • Return items to any Library Book Bus stop. See schedule and map for days and times.

  • Pay lost fine through the district’s Online Payment System.

If you’ve already returned materials or items were left in classrooms last spring, please contact your school library staff via email to let them know. Library materials are quarantined for up to one week before being checked in, so it will take time for fines to be resolved in InTouch accounts.

Thank you for helping us get resources back to our schools so that they can be re-distributed to those students who need them.

Open Enrollment for the 2021-2022 School Year

The Open Enrollment application window for the 2021-22 school year is now open.

Applications will be accepted from Monday, December 7 through Friday, January 22 at 2 p.m. Applications are available online, at each school and at the District Office. Completed applications should be returned to the school for which the student is applying.

Beaverton and Southridge High Schools each have 50 open slots. There are no open slots available at elementary or middle schools. Principals will make the final determination as to what grade levels will be filled with these Open Enrollment slots. For more information, please visit the Open Enrollment webpage.
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New Name- Clothes for Kids

The district-run Clothes for Kids is now open. Appointments are required. To schedule, please use the "book appointment" button, or call 503-356-4322. Visits are limited to one adult with four children or two adults with 8 children. All visitors must wear masks. If you don't have your own, we'll provide one.

Clothes for Kids is located in the portable on the west side of the District Administration Center, 16550 SW Merlo Road.

Donations now accepted

Donations of new and gently used clothing are being accepted during business hours. Donation bins are located in front of the portables.

Most urgent needs:

  • new Men's small/medium/large boxer/boxer briefs and boy's medium/large/extra-large boxer/boxer briefs

  • New/gently-used boys' and girls' pants/jeans in sizes 4T-12/14; urgent need for boys' size 4T-8 pants/jeans

  • New underwear in adult men's and women's sizes for middle and high school students

  • Sports bras

  • Department store shopping bags with handles

Please call Volunteer Services at 503-356-4443 to schedule lost and found drop-offs.

Donation bins available:

Monday - Friday

Regular District Business Hours

Student Testing on Hold

Due to the Governor’s “freeze,” all planning for testing (Summa/SAT/ACT) is on hold until further notice.

Inclement Weather Information During CDL

All classes and school schedules will continue on time in Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL), even if district facilities are closed due to inclement weather. In other words, we will not have any "snow days" in CDL.

If district facilities are closed, any on-site classes/programs including Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI) will be canceled. All daytime and evening activities/events also will be canceled. For more information, please visit the Inclement Weather Information webpage.
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Click on the link to find Important Information we've included in previous Rocketeers. Here are the topics:

Click here for all information listed above- Family Resources & District Information During CDL
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Assistance for Families

During these changing times, we are aware that some families may experience loss of income or a reduction in income.

Our counselor, Michelle Solberg can help connect families with resources 503-356-2454 or

Families can directly contact The Pantry
Their hours are Tuesdays 3-6 pm (Drive-Thru)

They are located at 4470 NW 185th Ave

Portland, OR 97229

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Technology Information

Student help Desk Information
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Rock Creek School

4125 NW 185th Ave

Portland OR 97229

Main Office-503-356-2450


Fax- 503-356-2455

Principal: Tiffany Wiencken

Keep Rock Creek safe: report any student safety threats to SafeOregon. Tips can be reported by phone or text (844-427-3367), email (, or online ( For more information, visit

The District prohibits discrimination and harassment based on any basis protected by law, including but not limited to, an individual's actual or perceived race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national or ethnic origin, marital status, age, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, familial status, economic status, veteran status, or because of a perceived or actual association with any other persons within these protected classes.
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