Rosa Parks

Black History Month

Basic information

  • birthday - February 4th, 1913
  • Birth state- Tuskegee, Al
  • occupation- activist
  • years lived- 92 years



  • in 1979, Rosa received a Spingarn medal
  • in 1996, Rosa received a medal of freedom
  • in 1995 Rosa received golden plate awards.
  • In 1999, Rosa received a Congressional Gold Medal
  • In 2000, Rosa received a reward for NAACP image award for outstanding supporting actress in a drama series.
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did you know?

  • Parks was not the first African-American woman to be arrested for refusing to yield her seat on a Montgomery bus.
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Character traits

Rosa had a lot of courage, she was brave and a very loyal person.
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why should you be inspired?

In the years since that 1955 act of defiance, Rosa Parks touched the lives of countless citizens and fellow supporters of Civil Rights. Some of us were inspired from afar, while others proudly met Parks and worked alongside her in the struggle for equal rights. For many, it was an experience so unforgettable that it even made its way into their obituaries. Today, we honor Rosa Parks by meeting some of the people whose lives she forever changed.

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