A Russian Texas

Russian immigrants in Texas

Push Factors of Russian Immigrants

The main reason the Russians left their homeland in the first place was because of the rule of Catherine the great. She was a German-born ruler that some people did not like,o they migrated. Russian jews came to Texas when the were starting to be prosectued because they were blamed for killing their leader before catherine, Czar Alexander II. The jews were tired of getting beat up on the streets and discriminated against, so they migrated westward. The discrimination of the russian jews was called "pogroms". The pogroms lasted 1881-1884 and 1903-1906. A lot of Texans helped russian jews to escape. By 1910 there were 10,615 russians in Texas.

Pull Factors on Russian Immigrants

Most Russians that lived in Texas did not migrate directly to Texas. A lot of the first Russians in Texas came from Missouri. They wanted to come to America to escape the pogroms of the Jews, or just wanted a new life of opportunity. The land was good for cotton growing which was a big pull factor since it meant employment. Cotton was Russians contribution to Texas when the came here. They built towns off of the cotton industry like Malakoff or Sebastopol. Russians' pull factors were mainly: Freedom of religion, Employment, and Opportunity.

Russian Customs in Texas

There once was a Russian named Nathalie Krassovska. She came to Dallas in the 60's, bringing along with her the Russian fine art called "Ballet". Ballet originated in Russia in the 1738. The Russian Jews also bought over culture, Yiddish- A language basically compiled of Hebrew slang's mixed with English, and Jewish holidays. Jews from any particular place that are religious hold to their traditions such as Hanukkah, passover, and rosh hashanah. The Jews though will not eat food that is not kosher, or if the food was used in an offering to god. They will also not eat meat and dairy at the same meal. One of the most popular Jewish food is matzo bread/balls.

Famous Russian Texans

The Riskind's Department store chain started from a Russian immigrant in 1910 named Michael Riskind. He came here not knowing he would start a legacy. Another Russian business man is Morris B. Zale. Sound familiar? Yes you may have heard of Zale jewelry store. Morris's family setteled in Fort worth in 1908. Though discouraged from Ku Klux Klan acts, he was determined to succeed. Another famous Russian Texan is Ilya Prigogine. This man was born in Moscow in 1917, moved to Belgium, then onward to Texas alone. He took after his father, who was a chemical engineer. He studied chemical engineering in Belgium before he moved to Texas. He later founded "The Center for Statistical Mechanics and Complex Systems" in Austin, at the University of Texas. This is just some of the many successful, contributing Russians in our Texan society.


1. What city in Russia has more billionaires living there than any where else in the world?
2. What two commonly used English words does the Russian language not include?
3. Which country has more universities/ colleges? U.S.A or Russia?
4. What Russian territory contains 25% of the world's FOREST?
5. Can you name at least 2 famous Russian buildings?
6. How many presidents did the U.S.S.R have?
7. Which country has women out populating men? U.S.A or Russia?

Link to Answers- https://docs.google.com/a/g.coppellisd.com/document/d/1sYi5eDBc8fzQY6aleNNYEQPwi4kEO71SFlvbaAyoLPg/edit


The Russian immigration into Texas is nothing but a good impact. They bought culture, food, new ideas, and industries with them. Ballet has probably been the most noticed cultural movement. The fine art is all Russian, now every where in Texas theres a ballet studio! The evidence of them still here today is obvious, just how Ilya Prigogine is. He started a whole new sector of the Universitie of Texas! Nathalie Krassovska has left a good stain on the Texas culture, she is still alive and well teaching ballet.

Is Texas Better Off with Immigration?

Yes. Texas, as well as the whole United States, is a country of immigrants. Run by, occupied by, and sustained by immigrants. As far as I know there has never been a native american president, who are the true inhabitors of this land. So the question "Is Texas better of with immigration?" is completely invalid due to the fact that Texas wouldn't be the same without immigrants, since everybody except native americans are immigrants.


Before I show the my citations I want to make it clear I used Coach Vice's paper but I didn't know how to cite that.

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