Peace corps

Shayde, Brendhan, and Hunter

Who was involved?

President Kennedy created the program, but other than him there was 35,000 volunteers.


When and where did it happen?

Started on October 14, 1960. it involved 60 different nations in the world. It was in the developing nations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.


The Peace Corps is still active today!

Popular Culture on this Time.

There were 6,000 drive-in movie theaters and walk-in theaters. Color T.V. was the thing to have. Everyone had the latest fashion. And there were many musicians that were at the top of their game, such as The Beatles and Elvis.


How it resonates today.

it is in more than 139 countries and has had more than 215,000 volunteers.


What effect did it have then?

It helped control communism.


Scale of importance in American History.

The Peace Corps is still around today, so it is important, because it had a long lasting effect.


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