The Oil Business

By: Jacob Schweiber

How and why did the business grow?

How did it grow?

  • The business grew because they were getting more and more people that were sick each day and that caused them to make more of their products.
  • And if they are having to make more then they need transportation to get what they need to make it (trains) and then that would mean that the trains that they use they need oil.

Why did it grow?

  • It grew because of their need of oil and all of the mining that they had to do and stuff

Edwin L. Drake

Edwin L. Drake

He was a former railroad conductor and he believed that he could find petroleum by digging a well. But people thought otherwise of him, but there were few people that did know that pools of oil did very much exist underground. In 1859 Drake decided to test what he believed and he then drilled a well in Titusville, Pennsylvania, and he struck oi. This lead to the creation of a multimillion-dollar petroleum industry.

How and Why did the government restrict it?