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A Five Step Guide on How to Choose The Best Golf Net

Golf hitting nets have proven to be a great way for golfers to practice their game while staying at home and are essential if you want to create a home based golf training facility.

Good build quality net in your backyard or garage will allow you to work on all aspects of your game using real clubs and golf balls without having to take a trip to the driving range or your nearest club house.

So let’s take a look at the five essential things you will need to be aware of before choosing the right net for you.

1. Material Strength

This might be one of the most important things about golf nets that you need to consider. The better and stronger material the longer it will last. With good quality material you also be able to use all of your golf clubs without risking a hole in the net. The fact is that the cheaper nets that have low quality material tend last a short time and are less than ideal for drivers or other high impact clubs.

You might be thinking how you can know the difference? Well, it is our job here to tell you the difference. Material strength is a part of our rating system making the decision easy for you. The general rule here is that the stronger the net the more it will cost and one of the strongest practice net on the market today is without a doubt The Net Return followed buy the RUKK Net Pop-Up.

2. Ball Retrieval

I key point about golf nets that is often forgotten is how good is the net when it comes to ball retrieval. Some nets are terrible when it comes to getting the balls back causing wasted time for the golfer getting his/her golf balls back from the net. The greatest golf nets for this are designed to return the ball back to the golfer. The design here can vary from one net to the next.

For example the standard golf practice net is “flat” so the balls will drop down in front of the net which helps with ball retrieval but notice that this net is not of the highest quality. The Callaway Tri Ball Hitting Net on the other hand is both quality net has good ball retrieval but does not offer the automatic ball retrieval like some other nets. The Net Return is the golf standard for this feature.

3. Easy of Setup

This is necessarily essential for the overall quality of the net but it is a nice bonus when you can set it up with ease in a few minutes. It also helps if you intent to move it around the garden or between your home and summerhouse for example.

4. Size and Portability

Golf nets come in different sizes and we think that generally speaking larger is better as it allows you more flexibility when it comes to your practice. You should however keep in mind the various locations you indent to use the net on and of the size might hinder your plans in some way.

You should also keep portability in mind. Some nets are heavy and need to fasten to the ground and while they might be smaller in size than other golf nets, they are less portable. To have a portable net is great as it allows you to move it around.

5. Price

So what should you be looking to pay for good quality hitting net? Generally speaking, the higher price the better net but the price between 100$ and 200$ is acceptable as a good price. Look out for the low quality nets in this price range; looking at the criteria listed above. There are of course nets available for much higher price than that but those tend to be exceptional quality that most golfers don’t really need.

If you are looking for nets under $ 100 there are certainly a few options for you but keep in mind that they will have some fundamental flaws such as cheaper material but they can often be great options. The 3-1 hitting net costs under $100 and will give you a cheap alternative to the stronger Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net. At the other end of the spectrum we have the Net Return that costs around $ 500 but is on of the best golf nets on the market.

The Net Return - Pro Series Golf Net
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