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May 13, 2016

Field Trip: Monday, May 16th

This Monday is our Field Trip to Glacier Ridge Metro Park!

We will be going from 9:30-1:30.
Students will be engaging in naturalist wildlife stations and going on a naturalist scavenger hunt to explore different animal and plant life cycle and adaptations.

Tips for Monday:

  • Bring a PACKED LUNCH

  • Please have students dress for the weather- it is usually cooler at the park than it is normally- have students bring a jacket/rain jacket

  • Wear tennis shoes or hiking books- no sandals

To prevent any issues with sunburn, mosquitoes, or ticks:

  • Apply bug spray at home before school

  • wear a hat

  • wear pants/long sleeves

(If the weather is bad on Monday, they will bring different items to the school for us to explore)

Wonder Workshop Edcamp

Wonder Workshop had been going wonderfully in our classroom! Students are truly enjoying their time spent exploring and creating at the beginning of each day. A few students were ready to present this week as well, so we joined the other 3rd grade classrooms in their Edcamp!

Edcamp consisted of at least 6 students in each classroom presenting their passion projects to other students. A few of the projects we got to learn about were how to use Pixi, tricks for yarn knitting, information about Deer, how to draw Dragons, and many more exciting projects.
From our classroom we had 5 presenters who shared their projects:

  • How to make paper airplanes
  • All about the Twin Towers
  • A new book carrying invention
  • A new board game
  • All about the Tallest Man in the World

Parade of 500 Wheels (Our Class Math Project)

Upcoming Important Dates

May 16-Field Trip to Glacier Ridge Park (Students will need a packed lunch on that day.)

May 18-MAP Math Test

May 20-Field Day!

May 24-MAP Reading Test

May 27-Books and Breakfast

June 6-Last Day of School