Believe in your self

Maylie Graves Period 4-5

Analysis of the Development of theme

In "Freak the Mighty" the characters really interact with the theme that if you believe in your self then you can do anything. Like Max and his learning disability. At the end Max overcomes his learning disability when Freak asks him to write all of their quests in a book. At first Max thinks that its hopeless then he believes in himself and he figures out he can write. Freak also interacts with the theme like how he tells Max he is going to get a robot body. He only tells Max that because he wants to believe himself that he's going to be okay and also it makes him not afraid. Conflict also shows the theme. like for example one conflict is when Killer Kane is about to kill Loretta. Both Freak and Max showed the theme through conflict. Freak showed the theme by believing that he could fool Killer Kane into thinking he was just squirted with acid and Freak made it so Max could escape. Max showed the theme by believing that he could remember Killer Kane killing his mom and he did.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I agree with the theme that if you believe in your self then you can do anything. I think that the author developed the theme really well because there are examples of this theme throughout the entire book. The theme almost applies to everything. Also i think that this theme is really good because its an important lesson. This is relevant to us right now. Some examples of how this applies to us would be at school. If we pay attention and believe in ourselves then we can get good grades. Also some of us play sports so if we believe in ourselves then we can be good at sports. The theme teaches us that if we belive in ourselves we really can do anything.


The main idea in Freak the mighty is believe in your self. The main characters are Freak and Max. Freak has a physical disability so he is short, but he's also super smart. Max has a learning disability so he can't read or write, looks exactly like his father Killer Kane and he was even named after him. Max lives with his grandparents Grim and Gram because his father killed his mother. That's how he got the name Killer Kane. Since Max looks like his dad and his dad killed his mom everyone is afraid of him. In the beginning Max and Freak become friends, they go on all kinds of quests together. On one of the quests Freak takes Max to the hospital and tells him that they are going to build him a robot body to make him look like everyone else. A little later in the book Max learns that they are letting his father out of jail. One night when Max is sleeping someone wakes him up and kidnaps him. It was his father killer Kane he wanted to start a new life with Max and he tried to convince him that he did't kill his mom. A few days later Killer Kane tied Max up in an old burned up house while he went to see an old friend named Iggy about getting a car. While Killer Kane was with Iggy Loretta, Iggys wife came to rescue Max Killer Kane caught her and almost killed her. Max started screaming at Killer Kane and told him he remembers him killing his mom. Killer Kane then got arrested. Then shortly after that Freak has a seizure and is rushed to the hospital. Max goes and visits him and Freak tells him to write all of there quests in a book. Max says its hopeless he can't write, but he takes the book anyway. Later that night Freak dies. Max ends up writing down there quests after all.