Basketball Olympics

travel around the world and be "The Champ!"

My basketball hoop is the best in Dwight

When you take every shoot you try it with your best aim as your sweat falls off. When the net goes "swish" your hands go up and you want to take another shoot to be a pro.

You must take these three important stots to be a winner

How to be a champion

Come to the basketball Olympics

for three shots and still just for a doller

About Alex


My name is Alex and I love sports. As you can see I made a basketball hoop to show how much I like sports. If your class comes to 3A please come to the basketball hoop. It is just $1.00 for three shots at my hoop. There are a couple rules I have they are:1.Don't throw the ball in any deriction because it could hit something or someone 2.Aim, shoot, and win. 3.Have fun! You have five BIG dollers to spend. Will one of them be mine?