Lincoln High School Class of 2023!

updated 6/5/2023

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Congratulations Lincoln High School Class of 2023!

We Can't Wait to Honor Your Graduate!

We are thrilled to host graduation to honor the class of 2023 - the 112th graduating class of Lincoln High School. This is one final opportunity for our students to come together as one herd to celebrate their achievements and perseverance in high school.

Graduation will be hosted on Friday, June 9, 2023 at 8 pm in the LHS Stadium. Each graduate will be able to invite up to 8 ticketed guests to sit in the bleachers. We also plan to live streaming the graduation for all of the other friends family, near and far, to enjoy at home.

Key Information about Graduation

Important Dates/Times:

  • Monday, 6/5 after the school wide assembly: pick up personalized senior checklist and any graduation patches/cords (updated 5/19/23)
  • Tuesday, 6/6-Thursday, 6/8: get checklist completed and turn it into the office to pick up 8 paper tickets for graduation
  • Friday, 6/9, morning: graduation rehearsal; students cannot attend graduation if they do not attend rehearsal; rehearsal will start in the Pence Gym; students should dress comfortably and wear sunscreen or sun protection! (updated 6/5/23)
  • Friday, 6/9, 7-7:15pm: students arrive to Pence Gym to assemble for graduation
  • Friday, 6/9, approximately 7pm: stadium will be opened for ticketed guests
  • Friday, 6/9, 8pm: graduation ceremony begins; we expect it will last 90 minutes or so
  • Friday, 6/9, 8pm: livestream of graduation will start - visit to access it!
  • Friday, 6/9, after graduation: graduates will pick up their diploma from the Pence gym
  • Friday, 6/9, 11pm: Sober Grad Night Event hosted at the Lincoln Community Center
  • Monday-Friday, 6/12-16, 7:30am-4pm: another opportunity to pick up physical diploma from the office

Live Stream of Graduation

Visit at 8pm on Friday night to be redirected to the livestream of the LHS Graduation. You can access the livestream directly at:

Note that the livestream will not go live until shortly before 8pm. Big thanks to Mr. Morris and Mr. Higley for their work to make this an option for our families near and far!

added 6/5/23

Graduation Attire

Appropriate attire for under the graduation gowns includes:

  • dresses (but not floor length and no trains - we don't want anyone to trip!)
  • blouse or shirt with a collar (dress or polo)
  • skirt/dress pants/slacks/khakis
  • shoes: flats or platform shoes (no shoes with spiked heels) or hard soled dress shoes with socks; spiked/narrow heeled shoes may cause ankle injuries and can damage our field
  • no jeans, shorts or sweatpants are allowed.

California state law specifically protects students’ right to wear “traditional tribal regalia or recognized objects of religious or cultural significance as an adornment at school graduation ceremonies." (more specific information is here).

Graduates should carry in their cap, gown, tassel and stole into the Pence Gym and will put those items on after they've checked in at the Pence Gym.

Graduation is an important milestone in student's lives. Graduates and families should not bring/wear items that are distracting in nature or take away from the ceremonial aspect of graduation.

Parking and Guest Expectations

  • Parking will be difficult for graduation.
  • We do have accessible parking as required by law, but will not have extra accessible parking available so please know that accessible parking will be limited. If you need to drop off a guest at the top of the loop because they cannot make it from afar, feel free to drop off at the loop before you park in the community/parking lot. Please do NOT loiter in your vehicle at the loop.
  • We will have every gate on the perimeter of campus open so that families can park in the community and can walk through campus to access the stadium.
  • We strongly encourage you to carpool with friends/family. Be sure there are no valuables visible in your vehicle.
  • Please be sure not to block the driveways of our campus neighbors and to be respectful of their homes/property by not leaving garbage or other items in the neighborhood.


  • There will be two entrances - beginning at 7pm, both main gates (off the main parking lot by J Street) will be open, and the gate off the lot on Nicolaus/by baseball fields will be open. You can access bleacher seating from either gate
  • Guests cannot bring in popups, coolers or other large/bulky items that take up space beyond your own seat or would obstruct the views of guests.
  • If you bring an umbrella, we will ask you to close it before the ceremony begins.
  • If you bring items like flowers or balloons, we will ask you sit at the edge or top of the bleachers or otherwise out of the way so that you do not obstruct the views of our guests.
  • Guests cannot save space for others in the bleachers. Seating is first come first serve.


There is accessible seating in both the home and visitor bleachers.

  • Guests will need to climb a few steps (there is a rail) or use the ramp to access the seating.
  • We ask that guests who require accessible seating sit there with one family member and have the rest of their family sit in the traditional bleachers so that all guests can be safe and comfortable.

Should we run out of accessible seating in the bleachers, there will be additional seating available on the track in chairs that are against the edge of the bleachers.

  • Our staff will make that seating available (for the guest who requires it plus one additional guest) if all accessible seating in the bleachers is taken.


  • The weather should be lovely, but it will be warm upon your arrival. By 8pm the stadium is shaded, and the temperatures should fall quickly. LHS Cheer will be selling bottled water and we will have an ambulance and LPD on hand in case of any emergencies.

(updated 6/1/23)

How to Order Graduation Photos

The Graduation Ceremony is on Friday, June 9th, 2023!

Direct Link:


Go to

Select View My Images

Select View/Order Sports & Event Photos


Select your package

Questions? Call (916)749-1026 and select Option 1 or email (added 5/19/23)

Caps, Gowns and Stoles, Oh My!

If you haven't ordered your cap/gown yet, you must contact Premier Grad Products right away - / 916-435-2331. Please note that when you purchase a cap and gown from Premier Grad, it INCLUDES the yellow LHS stole and a tassel for your graduate's cap! (updated 3/19/23)

Later this spring (beginning in May), pins, patches, and cords will be distributed separately by the teachers/departments honoring their students. Patches and pins can be affixed to the stole (be sure to use a towel between the iron and patch to avoid burning the material!). Graduates - if you earned a pin or patch from a teacher at any point as an LHS student, please add those to your stole!

You are encouraged to unwrap and iron or steam your gown and stole; take care not to burn the fabric; using a towel between the iron and material is helpful.

A reminder that your tassel, pins, patches and cords should be worn/affixed to your yellow stole at graduation. Students cannot personalize their items with their names - this is keeping with the tradition of unity in our last gathering as a class.

California state law specifically protects students’ right to wear “traditional tribal regalia or recognized objects of religious or cultural significance as an adornment at school graduation ceremonies." (more specific information is here).

Graduates should carry in their cap, gown, tassel and stole into the Pence Gym and will put those items on after they've checked in at the Pence Gym.

Senior Meeting

On Thursday, 4/27, our administrative team met with our Senior Class to review information about graduation as well as expectations leading up to graduation. We strongly encourage you to review this letter with your Senior so that there are no surprises in the coming weeks. Click here to review the Class of 2023 Senior Letter. (added 4/28/23)

A Few To Dos on the College and Career Front!

It's the last full month of school. Before you know it, school will be over. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • If you would like to be involved over the summer, be sure to check on schoology for job postings, volunteer opportunities as well as summer learning opportunities. If you need more information, stop by the College and Career Center to see postings and additional information.
  • If you are a Senior, we would love to get you on the map! Please email or stop by the College and Career Center and let us know where you are heading in the fall to pursue higher education.
  • Seniors, also make sure you filled out your FAFSA and requested a transcript through parchment. Please come see Mrs. Vadgama if you need assistance. At the bottom of this newsletter are step-by-step directors to order a transcript. Transcript orders start here.

Drop by to see Mrs. Vadgama (our college and career technician). Her office is at the end of the 70s wing, or you can schedule an appointment by reaching out to (updated 5/5/23)

Additional C/O 2023 Activities


You can still order your yearbook online and pick it up as soon as Friday afternoon! Order here!

Check out this promo video produced by Class of 2023 Graduates Bryston Spohr and Riley Nelson!

(added 6/1/23)

Promotional Video For Yearbook

Where is the Class of 2023 Headed this Fall?

We would LOVE to get your Senior on our map!!! Email Mrs. Vadgama and let her know where you are headed next year ( or stop by to visit her at the end of the 70s wing! (added 5/1/23)

Sober Grad Tickets NOW AVAILABLE!

Are you ready Class of 2023??? More celebrating YOU!

SOBER GRAD NITE TICKETS ON SALE!!! Be ready to have fun and win lots of prizes. Grand prize of $500 CASH at the 5am drawing!!! Oh myyyy…. COST: $50

It’s finally here. We’ve teamed up with Go Fan to make buying our Sober Grad Nite ticket quick and easy… Please remember, you must sign, print and turn in a permission slip to the LHS front office before a Grad Nite shirt is issued to your graduating senior.


6/5 and 6/6: pick up sober grad tshirt and ticket; 10:30-1:30 by the office (details in pic below)

6/7-9: work days at the community center


updated 6/1/23

Sober Grad - Looking for Volunteers!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO HELP OUT AT SOBER GRAD NITE! We encourage parents of Class of 2024, 2025 & 2026 to join us in making this a night to remember for our graduating seniors

There’s plenty of shifts available and no experience necessary:

•Midway games attendants

•Bag Check In

•Kitchen help

•Casino Dealer

•Inflatables attendant

•Raffle & Redemption Booth

•Security and more

We’ve made it easy with the Sign Up Genius so please pick a shift (or two):!/showSignUp/10c0c4daeaf2ea7f8c34-sober/11198880

If you have any questions, please email us at Thank you!

updated 5/21/23

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Senior Yard Signs!

Yard signs are still available for purchase, but they cannot be personalized with your graduate's name as of now. Signs can be picked up in the office.

Signs are being sold as a fundraiser to support the Zebra Sober Grade Program. More information is in the flier below. Any questions can be directed to Signs are available for pickup in the office (updated 5/23/23)

Leis and Flowers for the Graduate!

Our Floral Design Team is selling leis, flower bouquets, and celebration teddy bears to help you surprise your graduate after the ceremony!

Items should be ordered in advance, and will be picked up in the Stadium AFTER Graduates are dropped off for graduation. Please note that graduates will NOT be allowed to wear these items during graduation but can be presented with them after the ceremony. This is the only exception for leis and similar items: California state law specifically protects students’ right to wear “traditional tribal regalia or recognized objects of religious or cultural significance as an adornment at school graduation ceremonies." (more specific information is here).

There will be items available to purchase the day of graduation but supplies may be limited! Pre-order your gifts today! All proceeds benefit the LHS Floral Design Program

added 4/28/23

How to Order a Transcript - The Step by Step Details


- Academics

- Counseling

- Transcripts

- Order Records

- Sign in as New User if an account has not been created

If you have not created an account yet, you will be asked to create your profile. If you are a parent creating an account for your student(s), you will add students by clicking on "Profile" on the top right corner and selecting "Add Student". If you have more than one child, you can add them all to your account through this selection. If you have already created an account, make sure you verify you have the correct student selected by checking their name at the top of the page.

- Order Your Transcript

- Where would you like to send the credential?

You can choose a school by using the search bar or you can select "I'm sending to myself or another individual". If you select that you are sending it to yourself or another individual, you will be asked to select which one of those two you are wanting. This can be used if you cannot find the college you need to send it to in the search bar or you are sending it to a business.

- Enter Recipients Information

The next screen will allow you to review who you are sending it to and payment information (the school pays for this service for current students).

On this page, you will also be asked to list when you would like it to be sent. If you select "Send Now", the transcript will be sent immediately. If you choose "Hold For Grades" the school will wait to send it to your recipient when the final Semester 2 grades are updated on the transcript. This is a great option for those that would like to order your final transcript ahead of time and have it automatically sent as soon as grades are finalized.

At the bottom of the page you will then sign and date that you give approval for your information to be released to your selected recipient.

- Once you complete your order, you will see an order confirmation screen.

We encourage you to order two transcripts - one to be sent to your home and one to be sent to your college/university/trade school. Please be sure to mark "HOLD FOR GRADES" and it will be sent in mid-June after Semester 2 grades are posted.

Orders are filled within 1 business day during the regular school year. If you enter a request between June 19th and July 21st 2023, your order may take up to a week to be completed.

If you have any questions, check in with Mrs. Couvrette ( Note that it may take 24-48 hours for her to respond to your question! (updated 5/23/23)

Memories from the Senior Year!

Junior/Senior Prom

It was a WONDERFUL night - we loved seeing our students dressed to the nines. We had a great time! (updated 5/15/23)

Senior Parade!

What an incredible event! Check out the pictures on the LHS FB and Insta accounts!

One of our most favorite senior traditions is taking our seniors back to their elementary and middle school in their caps and gowns to visit! It's a great opportunity for our seniors to thank teachers and staff who made a difference to them, the staff LOVE seeing their former students all grown up and hearing about what they have planned next, and it's incredible for our younger students to see our older students as role models!

We will visit the following schools:

Monday, 5/22: Creekside Oaks, Lincoln Crossing, Leaman, TB Elementary, and TB Middle

Tuesday, 5/23: Sheridan, Coppin, Foskett Ranch, First Street, and GEMS

Permission slips are NOW available in the office and space is limited! See Mrs. MacQueen in the Activity Center for more info! (updated 5/15/23)

Senior Thank Yous!

We are putting together a series of audio "thank you's" recorded by Seniors. The audio recordings will be played in the Stadium as our families gather before the ceremony begins.

Seniors can stop by Mr. Morris's room (room 28) during period 3 or 6 to record a quick clip. Please be sure to stop by the office for a pass to/from Mr. Morris's classroom to your class. It should take less than 2 minutes to record! A few guidelines:

  • clips should be no longer than 15 seconds long
  • please write down what you plan to say and practice it a couple of times so it is smooth and the recording process moves quickly
  • you might want to thank people like your parents, teachers, coaches, mentors, or special people who helped you cross the stage this spring!

A reminder that if students leave class to record during period 3 or 6, they need their teacher's permission.

Ideas for your audio clip:

  • My name is ______ and I would like to thank _______ for ________.
  • My name is ______ and my favorite memory of LHS is __________.
  • My name is ______ and I am a proud Fighting Zebra because _________.

(added 5/23/23)

Senior Spotlights!

We love to honor our seniors through a social media "shout out!" Families can nominate their graduate using this form: and then watch for their student to be included in our daily post. We can't wait to honor our Zebras for their successes and for our broader digital community to see what makes Lincoln High School a great place to learn and grow and we set kids up for College and Career! Last day to submit a spotlight is Wednesday, 6/7! (updated 6/1/23)

Senior Slide Show!

Mr. Higley is putting together a senior slide show. You can submit up to 10 photos to be included. Guidelines:

- photos need to be school appropriate

- photos should be shared in landscape view (not portrait!)

- photos should be emailed to Mr. Higley at by end of day on Monday, 5/29

We'll be sharing the slideshow on the last day of school, and we'll make it available for all seniors to view online - watch for details! (added 5/22/23)

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