3rd and 4th Grade News

October 10th to 14th

Class News

Happy 6th week of school. The students are getting more and more in the groove of what is expected of their behavior and academics. Miss Fogarty and I are getting deeper into the curriculum for all subject areas. Last week our 4th graders were the weekly announcers for the morning, and this week our 3rd graders had their chance. Both classes have done a great job. This Friday our 3rd graders are in charge of Mass. I hope that you will be able to join us for Mass at 9 AM.

We wanted to remind all parents to be sure and check the policy on uniforms for all of your children. The school's handbook is on our website for you to read.

Reminder that next Tuesday October 18th is PICTURE DAY!!! All students must be in full uniform dress, ties, with button down collars and a sweater.

Last Friday all teachers were at an inservice sponsored by the Seattle Archdiocese. The theme for day was "Prepare the Way," and the focus was on cultural diversity. The two Keynote speakers were providing information on how we can:

  • increase our knowledge and understanding of our own cultural rules and biases.
  • recognize the complexity of all contributing elements including history, values, politics,communication styles, beliefs and styles.
  • grow in our empathy through intercultural experiences
  • develop our students' and our own curiosity about other cultures and perspectives.
Our day ended with mass that provided us with positive energy and faith fulfillment to carry us into our schools.


3/4 Math

The students are continuing to practice place value, addition and subtraction. I am introducing multiplication to both grades at their grade levels. I would appreciate all families to have some flash cards for addition, subtraction and multiplication facts. All students will benefit from practicing their facts at home as much as possible. Once the students get their facts memorized the better they will understand the higher level math this year.


The students had an experiment about how water reacts when on different surfaces. The students enjoyed being able to do an experiment and utilized their skill of observing and writing down what they observed. We will be continuing to learn more about water and why we need water to be able to live.


The class is beginning to learn about Saints, to prepare for All Saints Day. The first Saint the students read about is one of my favorite Saints, Mother Theresa. The students will learn more about various Saints.

Religion note from Miss Fogarty: Saturday, October 15 marks the 99th anniversary of when the Virgin of Fatima appeared to the three children (Lucy, Fancies, and Jacinta). She also appeared to thoughts of amazed people on October 13, 1917 in Portugal. In honor of this public event, Public Rosary Rallies are organized every year around the country. I could not find any information about an event being held in Tacoma. However, my home parish, (Holy Family, Auburn) is hosting an event that will take place outside of the Auburn Municipal Court in downtown Auburn at 12 noon.

More information about Our Lady of Fatima can be found here: http://www.ourladyoffatima.org/fatima/fatima.htm

Language Arts

This week both classes have been working hard on their story of the week. I spent a chunk of two class periods reviewing and practicing how to answer questions in complete sentences. My rule of thumb is, the person reading your answer should be able to tell what the question was regardless if they have that information or not. I am spending a lot of time on this because it is a skill they will need this skill throughout their educational career.

Next week there will not be a reading story or spelling list. I am jumping into the complex skill of texted based/evidence based responses. This skill takes a lot of time and a lot of practice, but once it is mastered, it will really help them become skills informational writers.

Social Studies

On Tuesday, I did a reassessment with the students about the geography of Washington. I asked them to:

  • draw the state
  • identity cities and geographic landmarks
  • identity boarders

Then, today, I showed them a map of Washington. Most kids had maps that looked nothing like Washington. I have collected the maps and I will give them back in June and we will do the same activity and I know they will have greater success!