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Meriah Senogles

Field Trip Catastrophe

On April 13, Aquarius house in Bay View, went on field trip to discovery world. During this $30 field trip each student had to fill out a question sheet. Each question related to one of the nine sections and there was and average of six questions per section. Later on, on April 17, Aquarius had to take an assessment on the field trip.

Many students were outraged at the very thought of it. One student even stated "this wasn't worth the $30 to take a test" while another student said "What? That's not fair as I don't have good notes." To go along, the teacher, Mrs. Swinford, had not informed or corrected notes for the assessment, which caused students to either panic or just get a little worried.

Overall, the test was not needed in the students eyes, as they had said they had already done notes on what was supposed to be a fun learning experience.

Spring Break

Tennessee Houses For Sale

Knoxville, Tennessee has a great selection of favorably priced houses. For a family moving because of a job offer in the family, this was a very good sign. When visiting the state on March 27, the Senogles family had already picked a series of 11 houses to go through so they were kept busy at all times with beautifully decorated houses. This kept them doing things at all times as each house was equally significant in design and well in price.

When it came to the decision making, though, the Senogles were considered lucky as no house could compare to the first one. When going into it, they could tell it fit their family with its many features. A few include the workout room, four bedrooms, great backyard, and office room. Also, the house's previous owners were great decorators that made the house feel welcome but yet also give a look of great divine.

After looking everything over, they bought the first house for a far price and will move down in the summer.

Art Expressed With Instagram

Recently, on April 6 in Green Bay, Meriah had started a art Instagram account. Not only did it include previous work but the two watercolor paintings she had done that day. When creating the account she had an idea in mind to try every type of art there is and post them.

What got her to start this account was actually her friends, Natalie and Cecilia. Natalie had previously, that week, create an account like Meriah's Art account. Meriah, not knowing of Natalie's account, got introduced to it by Cecilia, who encouraged her to go the same thing.

After debating it, Meriah had already completed an elephant and border collie watercolor painting. The creation of the account in the end, though, had a total of four pieces of artwork; two watercolor, one cartoon marker drawing, and one realistic sharpie drawing.

I am hoping in the future my art account will become something, something people can go to to get ideas.