Fitness Brochure

Have you ever wished for some rockin' abs, but never had enough time or motivation? Well wish no more, I've got some speedy surefire ideas that will tighten that core and get you to where you want to be.

Warm up.

Before you work on your core, you're going to want to warm up. Start with 3 to 5 minutes of running or a light jog, that helps to warm up your core somewhat.

Excersise 1

To start off your workout you want to do 30 scissor kicks. First you lay on the floor stomach to ceiling, then you lift one leg to the ceiling while the other stays on the ground, then you lower that the and lift the other one. For a challenge, lift your shoulders off the ground while you do it.
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Excersise 2

After you are finished your scissor kicks, you cant start up on some jack knife sit-ups. First you lay on your back, then you lift your hands to your feet then go back to the floor. Do 30 of these.
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Cool down

When your finished your workout, cool down with a light jog or walk for 5 minutes.