I Am Henrietta Lacks

By Skylar Ziegler

I am strong and immortal

I wonder if I will ever get the credit I deserve

I hear the doctors talking excitedly about me

I see the damage on my body from the chemotherapy

I want my family to have a better life

I am strong and immortal

I pretend I can still paint my nails red

I feel a dark mass inside me

I touch the tumor that will leave a legacy

I worry about how my children will cope without a mother

I cry because my husband is out with another woman again

I am strong and immortal

I understand my cells are being sold for 25 cents a vile

I say that I'm ok so no one worries about me

I dream about having many more kids

I try to be a good wife and mother

I hope the doctors will give my family the money

I am strong and immortal