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It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So Where's the Pink?


If a company creates a new pink lipstick, lotion or other product and labels it with a pink ribbon – but it contains artificial colors, synthetic fragrances and known carcinogens, are either of you really helping to prevent cancer?
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What Breast Cancer Prevention Means to Beautycounter.

With October come cooler weather, Halloween candy, and a deluge of pink ribbons signaling National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While you’ll find the symbol on everything from cocktail shakers to cosmetic products, the most important message—that of prevention—often gets short shrift. We think the conversation needs to shift, starting now.

If you’re wondering how to prevent a disease that seems so tied to family history, it might shock you to learn that only half of breast cancer cases can be tied to traditional risk factors like genetic inheritance, diet, and reproductive history.

Increasingly, science is pointing to environmental links to this disease. In 2010, the President’s Cancer Panel found that the true burden of non-genetic, environmentally induced cancer has been “grossly underestimated,” and a recent project by 300 international scientists concluded that even chemicals that are not carcinogenic on their own may be linked to cancer when used in combination with each other, even in very low doses.
Breast Cancer Prevention 2016
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A Revealing Documentary About the "Business" of Breast Cancer Fundraising:

Pink Ribbons, Inc. (Trailer)
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Read More About Breast Cancer PREVENTION Here:

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And It's my BIRTHDAY MONTH! Woot, woot!

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I know it's October. But the Holiday Assets are Here!!!

But if you are like me, it is NEVER too early to start thinking about holiday gift giving. I LOVE GIVING GIFTS!! Hostess gifts for those holiday gatherings, teacher appreciation gifts, stocking stuffers, and a little treat for yourself... I know what I am treating myself with... Can we say COLOR PALETTES!!! AHHHHH-mazing :-) There is something for EVERYONE- even the babies!! You can see our full gift giving guide here and I have highlighted the sets below. Keep scrolling :-)

And since it's my birthday month, I want to GIVE to YOU! Let's Celebrate!! I am going to bring back my favorite FLASH SALE!

1) Between now and October 31, any orders of $100 or more will receive a complimentary gift from me. I have been collecting a variety of goodies for you to choose from. I will connect with those who make a qualifying purchase so that you can take your pick! This offer is valid for clients and members only. It is not valid for consultants. Here are the details.

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1 Flat complexion Brush ($33)

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3 Canvas Pouch- wouldn’t you like to know ($30)

1 Enrich Body Butter ($39)

1 Baby Daily Protective Balm ($22)

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2) Beautycounter is a B-Corp, meaning it is accountable for three bottom lines: People, Planet and Profit. When you shop with Beautycounter, you are always supporting a cause - year round.

*The Breast Cancer Fund is one of our three Trusted Non-Profit partners, as well as one of the few non-profit organizations dedicated to preventing breast cancer before it starts. You can learn more about them here.

Ready, Set, GLOW!!! Holiday Assets are HERE and they are GORGEOUS!

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Peru: A Dream Come True

As I mentioned last month, JT and I went on a week adventure to Peru. Here is a peek at one of the greatest moments: Machu Picchu!!

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