Freak the Mighty

By Rodman Philbrick


Will Freak and Max use what they have learned on their adventures to defeat Killer Kane or will Max be taken away forever? Read Freak the Mighty to find out.


By, Trenton Jones

Max other known as Mighty is a huge kid who is not that smart. People call him dumb and stupid and he has to learn how to take the name calling and live with himself. Once he learns how to live on his own, Freak moves in next door. Freak is tiny and very intelligent. Freak and Mighty become friends and together they are Freak the Mighty. They face some hard adventures and fun adventures. One night they go out to see the fireworks that their community has every year and Tony D, the biggest bully in school, finds Freak and Mighty. He starts picking on Freak and Mighty and they have to work together to get away. Freak and Mighty are best friends and they do practically everything together. They go to school together and face their fears together. Mighty is called to the office at school and Freak wanted to go with, but he couldn’t. Mighty is told that his dad, Killer Kane, was let out of jail and he was on probation. Will Mighty be reunited with his dangerous dad and will Freak be healed with his bionic parts? Read Freak the Mighty to find out.

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About the Author

By Jack Macur

Rodman Philbrick the author of Freak the Mighty was born in 1951 in Boston MA. When he was young he moved to New Hampshire and grew up there. Rodman started writing when he was at the age of sixteen, he started by writing mystery and suspense novels for adults. In his beginning years as an author he didn't only write books he also was a longshoreman and a boat builder. Some of Rodman's hobbies include fishing and art, he likes to go fishing for bass and tarpon whenever he can. Rodman has won many awards in his career such as the Shamus Award and the Newbery Honor. Rodman Philbrick lives alone in Maine and Florida since 2012 when his wife Lynn Harnett passed away. Now Rodman is 65 and continues to write books for kids and adults around the world.

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MAX: In the novel Freak the Mighty, Max is the main character who has had a pretty +hard life. When he was very young he went to daycare with many other kids, this is where he got the nickname ¨kicker¨. Whenever kids would make him mad Max would go to town kicking everything and everyone. Then one night he walked in on his dad choking his mom to death. His dad picked him up put him to bed and said it was just a dream. But that was a long time ago, now Max is in the eighth grade. Max lives with his Grandparents because his mom is dead and his dad is in prison. One day Max saw this little kid , or at least he thought it was a little kid across the street. It ended up being Kevin from daycare. Max and Kevin would become the best of friends and go on quests together.

Kevin: In the novel Freak the Mighty Kevin is a main character who is so small you would think he is a second grader but so intelligent you would think he is a teacher. Freak has a super rare disease called Morquio Syndrome. This is where the inside of your body grows much faster than the outside of your body. When Kevin was little he went to the same daycare that Max went to. Back then Kevin used crutches and leg braces to get around and it was very hard for him. One day he was flying a wind up bird in has backyard when it got stuck in a tree then Max came over and helped him get it down. This was the start of their friendship. After a while Kevin didn't really need his leg braces any more because Max would carry him everywhere they became known as Freak the Mighty.

Killer Kane: In the novel Freak the Mighty Killer Kane is Max’s dad that went to jail for killing his wife. Killer kane never really knew his son very well he was in jail for so long. Once he got out of jail he wanted to spend some “quality” time with his son who was living with his grandparents, so he kidnaped him. He brought him to the burnt down tenements and tied him down in the basement.

By: Michael O


By Aidan Kelly

In the novel Freak The Mighty, the main theme is the differences in people is what makes great friends. This stands for Freak and Mighty because mighty is this big kid that looks like a giant and Freak is this little tiny kid that when he’s near Mighty, looks like a small rat next to a elephant. Freak may be really tiny but he is smart and Mighty is big and not very smart but when they work together like one big super human.

Here are some quotes that support the theme of Freak the Mighty:

“It’s a habit by now, Freak riding up high on my shoulders and using his little feet to steer me if I forgot where to go”pg. 48. This explains how Freak and Mighty work together throughout the story. Like on page 37 when Tony D. and his gang chase Freak and Mighty right into the pond while freak was on Mighty's shoulders pg.31. One more quote is “I keep trying to get into the back of the ambulance with him, said Mighty”pg. 87 When freak choked on the chop suey. This shows how much mighty cares for Freak. All in all the theme is differences between people is what makes great friends.

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