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Every day, thousands of dogs are put down to clear up room in your local animal shelter. By now, the euthanization of dogs is seen as a natural thing, but through the dogs eyes, its murder. In order to protect them, we are holding a adopt-a-thon event that brings as many dogs off of death row to hopefully find them the loving homes they desperately deserve.

(Cause & Effect)

Why are so many dogs put down each day? Well, in order to make room for the drop offs, they have to euthanize the dogs that have been there the longest. Many people disagree with this, but the shelters continue on. The 5 kill shelters in houston are

(Compare and Contrast)

While some shelters, such as CAP animal shelter, euthanize their dogs, other shelters do not, such as HOPE , Friends for Life , and humane society. Most shelters use a lethal injection to euthanize the dogs, but some are not so lucky. Others include gas chambers, decompression chambers, and even electrification.

(Q & A)

What does euthanize mean?

Euthanization is the process when the dogs are hooked up to a machine that uses a lethal injection to put down the dogs.


The event will begin at 1:30 pm and then you will be handed a two small maps containing the locations of all the animals and the other containing a map of all the food stands in the area. An additional paper containing the rules of the park will be attached to the maps. after that, you will be allowed to roam freely around the park and hopefully you will find the pet of your dreams.


The pet adoption event will include many different types of animals, including black labs, golden retrievers, tabby cats, pitbulls, corgi, huskies,dwarf rabbits, birds, and more.

(Problem & Solution)

While many dogs are being put down, you can help. You can adopt, foster, provide transportation, donate, or of course, you can adopt but fostering is also important.Fostering gives the dogs socialization and also gives the selter enough sace to accept new dogs.

(Additional Notes)

Remember, the event is free to attend but you will have to pay for concessions and the animals are all $20. Donations are available in the front where you purchase the pets. the event includes all types of animals including rabbits, dogs, cats, and birds. We hope you have a good time!

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