Book Character Potatoes

Celebrate National Library Week (April 10th - April 13th)

Dress, paint, or decorate a potato like a book character.


1. Buy a potato(es) at the grocery store.

2. Decorate, dress, or paint your potato to look like a character from a story. It can be nursery rhyme, fairy tale, fiction book, or any children’s book character.

3. Stand the potato up so that it can be displayed in the library. You can use half a paper cup on the bottom.

4. Write your Character’s Name, the Book Title, your First and Last Name, and your Teacher’s Name on an index card folded in half.
5. Take your book character potato to the Library on Monday, April 10th.

6. Potatoes will be displayed in the Library as part of “National Library Week."

7. Pick your potato back up at the end of the day on Thursday, April 13th.
8. Each participant will receive a special bookmark and have their name entered in a drawing.

9. Three lucky students will win a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card.