Trout Festival

Katlyn Wattsss

Trout festival

Trout Festival is such a good time!! At the Trout Festival I hang out with family and friends.

Trout Festival

Friday, April 29th, 9pm

Kalkaska, MI, United States

Kalkaska, MI

  • Carnival
  • 2 parades
  • Flee markets
  • Candy
  • Carnival food
  • Fireworks!!
  • Family time

What happens

On April 29th, 2016 there is a Parade downtown. This Parade is called the kitty parade, the next day is the big parade and its for everyone!! At the parade you see a whole bunch of policeman, firefighters, candy, and a whole bunch of other cool things. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there is a Carnival it goes on until 11;00 or so. I'ts a great time!