The Genre Presentation Project

What Makes My Genre My Genre?

The Genre Presentation Challenge

You and your teammates are going to teach the rest of your class about your genre by creating a presentation.

You will explore and learn about your genre by reading a book from that genre and taking notes on the characteristics or ingredients found in your story.

Your team will compile your notes and decide how you are going to teach the rest of the class about what makes your genre your genre. What kind of presentation you create is up to your team but you are responsible for teaching your classmates well. Mr. Callahan and Mrs. D'Elia will talk to you about your options.

After you have learned about all the other genres, you will work with Mrs. D'Elia in the LTC in helping her change the organization of the fiction collection. Instead of arranging titles alphabetically by the author's last name, we will arrange the titles by genre.

Learning Objectives

  • Your team will be able to identify the characteristics or ingredients of your genre.
  • Your team will be able to choose an appropriate way to teach others about your genre.
  • Your team members will each be able to contribute equally to the project.
  • Your team will be able to clearly present information about your genre so that your classmates understand.
  • You will be able to assign the correct genre to a book in the LTC independently.

Presentation Due Friday, November 22