Join us now -We Have YAMS!!-

History :)

  • Nigeria was founded waaaaaay back in 1914 (stone ages)
  • With an estimate population of around 127 million, Nigeria is 'the largest black nation in the world!'
  • Great Britain colonized Nigeria from 1850-1960 (over 100 years) but little is known about it before that time.
  • Nigeria has more than 250 ethnic groups!!

Things you'll wanna' know!

  • Stephanie Onyekachi Okereke (actress) is a famous Nigerian and has received several awards in acting.
  • Dick Tiger (Richard Ihetu) was a famous Nigerian boxer in 1929.
  • If you ever travel to Nigeria you MUST see the
    Yankari National Park and Zuma Rock!!!
  • Disclaimer - - - Nigeria is currently under diplomatic reconstruction and war. Nigerian officials are not responsible for sudden yam addiction or a need to 'boogey'. Officials cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items. this includes beloved yams.