rebound time

by Jake Maddox

Rebound Time

my favorite character was Eva , she was smart,athletic,and loved basketball. The setting would be on the basketball court ofcourse, and inside of the gym. Another setting was at her house. I thought htis book was ok but if you like short books and basketbal i recomend you getting (Rebound Time).

Eva played basketball and she loved to play basketball. However her dad was the coach of her team but then her dad and mom got divorced so her dad moved away. Eva didn't like the fact that her dad wouldn't be the coach anymore so she decided that she didn't want to play basketball no more. However her sister played basketball on the same team as her so she had to go to her sisters games with her mom. She got jealous because most of the attention after her sisters game was all eyes on her sister and not her. So her sister told her mom all about the game and Eva was sitting in the front ignoring her sister in the back clattering about her game that night. After a week had gone by Eva started to realize how much she loves to play basketball and she saw her friends out side playing basketball then she started to play with them. In the ending she was back on the team well she was never kicked off the team she just started to play again. She started to play again and she kept playing for the rest of the season and had fun. THE END.