The Buzz

Ms. Larrabee's 1st Grade Class!

The Buzz This Week (5/2 - 5/6)

Reading: We're taking a deeper look into settings this week by learning that settings are not only the places characters are in a story, but also the times and environments (cold, hot, dark, etc) of a story. We'll also discuss that settings and characters are related to each other because characters react to their settings and that character's actions, clothes, etc. should match their settings. We'll continue to review character traits throughout the week as well.

Writing: Since we've been reading more fiction books lately, the kids are going to learn how to write a book review this week. We'll watch and read a couple of examples of book reviews at the beginning of the week. Towards the end of the week, the kids will begin writing their first book review.

Word Work: Our studies in vocabulary will be with adding 's' to the end of words that end in -y. We'll learn to drop the 'y- and add 'ies' in words that end with a consonant followed by a 'y' (bunny- bunnies, sky - skies) and add just an 's' in words that end in a vowel followed by a 'y'(key - keys, bay - bays). The new sight words we'll be practicing include: plate, noise, under, twisted.

Science: We will finish the year with our last science unit, Animal Classifications. We'll study mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, birds and fish. We'll learn about animal habitats, body classifications, what different animals can do, have, eat, how they take care of their young, rely on their habitats to survive and much more. We're beginning this unit by studying mammals and reptiles. Our field trip to the Zoo on Thursday is a perfect way to kick off our new unit!

Math: We're still learning about time this week. Students will learn to tell and write time to the hour, half- hour and quarter hour this week.

"Buzz Worthy" Things to Look out for...

  • Our field trip to the St. Louis Zoo is this Thursday, May 5th. We will be leaving at 9:00 a.m. and returning just before specials. Please send your child to school with a sack lunch, comfortable clothes and dressed for the weather. Also, your child will be responsible for their lunch that day, it may be easier to pack their lunch in a sack, where they can throw it away after eating. If you have signed up to be a parent volunteer, be looking for an email containing more information tomorrow.
  • This Friday is our last First Friday Reading of the year, it's hard to believe!


Monday: Wellness

Tuesday: Library

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: PE

Friday: Music

Last Week...

(4/25 - 4/29)

We kicked off the week by delivering candy and homemade signs to Ms. Weiterman's 3rd grade class to send them warm wishes and wish them good luck on their state assessments. Their class still has our posters hanging in their room!

We had an eventful Wednesday as our district was placed on a lock in/out. Our social emotional lessons last week were about worry and how to handle and calm down from one's worries. That morning we had read Wimberly Worried by Kevin Henkes. These lessons came at a perfect time for an event that causes many students worry. The kids handled the situation very well!