Ludwig van Beethoven


By: Sachin Krishna-Rogers

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Early Life

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany on December 17, 1770. Beethoven was one of seven children, but however only three others made it to adulthood. Ever since a young age Mozart was talented in the form of music. His father, Johann, saw his talents as a source of income for the Beethoven family. When he was seventeen, he left his family to move to Vienna, where he made his permanent home.

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Beethoven moved to Vienna, Austria when he was 17 years old. He spent the rest of his life in Austria where he wrote hundreds of compositions. Vienna was also where the great composer died due to illness. Beethoven also met Mozart when he was in Vienna, Mozart told him that he would later make an impact in the music community. Beethoven, like many other composers thought that Vienna was the best place to continue their lives as music composers.
Beethoven 9 - Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Riccardo Muti

Symphony #9

Ludwig van Beethoven wrote a handful symphonies during his life, with Symphony Number 9 being his last finished symphony. In the music the instruments included contains of violins, trumpets, triangles, etcetera. The piece is widely considered as one of the best because of the introduction of vocalists. The chorus in the piece comes from the poem, "Ode to Joy," written by Friedrich Schiller in 1785. Now a days the piece is one of the most played music works on the world.

List of Other Works

  • Piano Sonata No. 8
  • Für Elise
  • Fidelio

  • Violin Concerto

  • The Creatures of Prometheus

  • Große Fuge

Beethoven wrote many more pieces, but here are some of his best and most well known around the world.

Beethoven Legacy

Ludwig van Beethoven was one of the most famous and best composers of all time. His pieces brought something new to the world of music. Although Beethoven did not have the kind of fame that Mozart did, he was still able to earn the respect and acknowledgement from Wolfgang Mozart. Now Beethoven is known as one of the best composers of all time, and his pieces are some of the most played of all time. Ludwig is known all around the world for his great compositions.


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