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Ms. Prestjohn's Newletter: Wk of 11/16/15


Last week marks the end of our first progress reporting period listed as 2P1 in Skyward. Grades ended on Friday and posting of grades will finalize at the end of the day Monday, 11/16/15.

This week, we continue to learn how to use the four basic operations in math with decimals. Our focus will be on multiplying and dividing decimals. I am included some video support below to help students solidify their skills. Although I rarely assign homework, I will be assigning homework this week to view these videos and practice the related skills. Repetition through homework and feedback is one of the Marzano's Nine Instructional Strategies for Effective Teaching and Learning. Feel free to ask your student to explain how they can find answers to multiplying and dividing decimals.

We continue to use TransMath on block days to address individual needs. After the Thanksgiving break, we will add Think Through Math as an additional resource to support meeting student needs.

This week, we are having a week long fundraiser for our Annual Big Event scheduled for sometime in the spring. It is a community service project where we, as the East Zone, partner together to serve our wonderful community. Money collected is targeted to fund designated service projects. More to come on this later.

My best wishes to you all for a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next school week...!

Table Conversations Starters:

This week, ask your student to watch the videos below together so you can ask him/her to show you how he/she finds the answer to multiplying and/or dividing decimals. It is always more fun to work math together than it is alone!

In the spirit of our holiday season, ask your student for what he/she is most grateful. It could lead to quite an interesting conversation.

Please allow me to take this opportunity to express how grateful I am to be able to partner with you for your child's success. It is truly an honor and a blessing--one I count every day!

Happy Holidays!

Mark Your Calendar:

All week - Big Event Fundraiser-Dollar Days-Bring a Dollar Each Day to Participate

Regular tutoring hours: Mornings (8:15a-8:35a)/Afternoons (4:00p-4:15p), except

Wednesdays (my duty day)

Extended tutoring sessions: Monday and Tuesday from 4p-5p.

11/16/15 - Tutoring (4p-5p)/Hat Day

11/17/15 - Tutoring (4p-5p)/Pep Rally-afternoon/Crazy Socks Day

11/18/15 - Odd Block Day/Crazy Hair Day

11/19/15 - Even Block Day/No pm Tutoring-Required Faculty Mtg/Super Hero Day

11/20/15 - TGIF!/Quiz/Pajama Day

Lesson Plans: Week of 11/16/15 - 11/20/15