Ocean Pollution

what goes in the ocean, goes in you.

Ocean Pollution

Ocean pollution is becoming a big problem and is hurting the environment and the animals. On the website, http://www.bluevoice.org/news_issueseffects.php it talks about how marine mammals are suffering from illness caused by pollution, such as nervous and digestive system problems, liver disease, reproductive malformations, ans growth and development issues. They are also dying from the pollution. Ocean pollution comes from many things, on the website, http://www.conserve-energy-future.com/causes-and-effects-of-ocean-pollution.php That website says how ocean pollution comes from sewage, toxic chemicals from indestries, land runoff, large oil spills, cars, and just people throwing their trash on the ground. We can all stop the killing of animals just by throwing our trash away and driving less.

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Plan for Action


I can say if we throw our trash away, we can save the animals and the environment. I can show a picture of what the ocean looks like now and how it could look. I can say if we drive a little less, we could save millions of animals.


I can show a picture of an animal struggling in dirty water and say that just by throwing away our can in the ocean, we did this. Or I can show a big oil spill and an animal dying and say this is what oil spills do to the environment.

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