Time for a Refresher!!

You've had your oils for a while. Are you using them?

Schedule a Membership Overview between now and the 31st & get a FREE Lemongrass!!

Hello, my name is Christine La Fond and I either shared Doterra oils with you or I work with someone who did. I'm here to help educate you further and answer questions you may have about your oils. 2016 is around the corner and my passion is to help you make this the healthiest, most abundant year yet. That is why I am scheduling Membership Overviews over the next few days to help as many people as possible get a simple, effective wellness program together for the new year. Contact me today for your 30 minute video chat. You can do it from the comfort of your own home. There's even a bottle of Lemongrass waiting for you just for taking a step towards better health and personal development. Here's to becoming your best you!
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Nice to Meet You!

Hello my name is Christine La Fond and I am a mommy, advocate, performer and motivator. I'm dedicated to helping you feel your best, think your best, BE your best. It all starts with a thought, then the first action and people helping you along the way. Website and blog to come!