Mr. Posick's Friday email

April 24, 2015

Badger Exam

Next week we will begin taking the Badger Exam. This week we did some practice for the test in order to learn how the testing platform works. Please remind your child that they will need a fully charged Chromebook and headphones or earbuds for their test. We have been reminding students of this all week. Thanks for your assistance.

Check out our website

Have you ever wondered what was mentioned on the daily student announcements? Do you want to see our past Friday emails or Mustang Memos? Do you want to check out our Twitter account? You can find all of this and more on our school website at and on my website at Check them out if you have a moment.

Camp Pow Wow Open House

This Saturday there is an open house at Camp Pow Wow from 10-11:30. This event is sponsored by ARCh the Association for the Rights of Citizens with handicaps. For more information you can contact the Camp Pow Wow office at 262-542-9811 or

Bricks4Kidz for girls only!

We have a STEM opportunity for girls in grades 3-6 starting May 7th after school. Bricks4Kidz is a LEGO based program that provides attendees hands on experience in creating amusement park rides. Please see the attachment in this week's email for more information.

Dress code reminders

Well, the weather certainly changed quickly this week so we had no issues with our dress code. Next week it will be warming up again, so here is a reminder of the expectations for our dress code.
  1. No undergarments should be showing.
  2. If your arms are at your side and your fingers touch skin, what you're wearing is too short.
If students are able to correct any dress code violation with clothes that they have at school, families will be contacted to make them aware of the infraction. If students are unable to correct any dress code violation, students will remain in the office until proper clothing can be provided.