Team Transformation Pay Period Wrap

Cheri & Talyan Petzold

Philippians 2:3

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.

Pay Period Ending Feb 5, 2013

Welcome New Team Members!

Team Transformation is on fire! This is the time to start running!

No matter where you are in your business, whether you have just joined or have been doing it awhile, NOW is your season to shine! You are a part of an awesome team that is reaching NEW levels this year! This is the year of transformation not only for our team but YOUR TEAM!

Evaluate where you are, DECIDE where you want to be...what's left is HOW you get there! The HOW is the Advocare Success System! Plug in to those on your team, visit with them, paint the vision for them. SHOW them how to get to their next level. You have what they need! Whether it's helping them reach their 2013 New Years goals, paying off debt, making an extra house/car payment per month, OR saving up for a dream vacation, whatever they have the answer in your hands!

With the growth of not only Team Transformation, but Team Victory, and Team Advocare as a whole, you do NOT want to miss out on events, trainings, webinars, or anything to keep you from reaching your goals! Keep up to date by plugging into Team Transformation and your sponsor for the latest information!

We have hungry people on this team making their dreams come alive! Truly changing the way they live!

This is your time to shine! Lock arms with your sponsor, ask those questions, watch the training videos, make your lists, package your 30 second and 2 minute stories, pick up the phone, and help someone today!

You do NOT have to re-invent the wheel with this business! If you do not know how to share Advocare with a new person, train your team, 3 way call, 2 on 1 visit, mixer, get with your sponsor! There IS a success system already in place. You just plug in! Do what they say to do and proven success is there!

Where ELSE are you going to come into a business where you can completely rely on the products, the science behind them, have one-on-one mentoring, coaching, & training for free, and someone helping you to reach your own dreams & goals?

This is YOUR time to shine! This opportunity reaches and helps everyone everywhere of every age group! You do NOT have to live near the people you want to help! There are Webinars to plug your prospects into online. There are local events and mixers your prospects can attend.

We are very proud of Team Transformation and what Advocare has done for our family and what it equips us to do AND to be a blessing to others who need freedom.

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New Advisors

Pay Period 1/15

Billie Faye Baken

Rebecca Treadwell

Kayla Vaughn

Whitney White

Pay Period 2/5

Heather Parker

Danielle Bouchard

Attention: New Advisors

Now that you are an Advisor, you have an opportunity to earn Rookie Bonuses! Ask your sponsor for more information!
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Top Recruiter Pay Periods 1/15 & 2/5

Pay Period 1/15 - 11 New Distributors this pay period!

Top Recruiter

Shawna Dooney ~ 2

Pay Period 2/5 - 11 New Distributors this pay period!

Top Recruiter

Whitney White ~ 2

24 Day Challenges

NOW is the perfect opportunity to help people get to their fitness goals with the 24 Day Challenge! Many have made New Years goals! This is a great way to empower them to reach their goals!

TOP Distributors (PGV) earn extra $100 from Cheri

Trudy Bouchard - $5,671.60

Danielle Bouchard - $4,682.00

Club Earners

Pay Period 1/15

3K Club

Kayla Vaughn - $3,524.25

Billie Faye Baken - $3,016.65

Pay Period 2/5

4K Club

Danielle Bouchard - $4,682.00

Heather Parker - $4,181.90

5K Club

Trudy Bouchard - $5,671.60

Pin in Qualification - Congratulations goes to:

Leigh Fielder - 3 STAR GOLD




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Incentives and Trips

Advocare Success School 20 yr Celebration

Friday, Feb. 15th 2013 at 7pm to Sunday, Feb. 17th 2013 at 12pm

1201 Houston Street

Fort Worth, TX

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Congratulations on the Hanalei, Hawaii trip!

Way to go ~ Mike & Shawna Dooney and Leigh Fielder!
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Ladies Incentive Trip

Tuesday, April 23rd 2013 at 12am to Thursday, April 25th 2013 at 12am

Magnificent Mile, Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

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