A Christmas Carol

Go see it at the Guthrie Theater

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol was written by Charles Dickens. The play was great because they explained the story well, and the special effects were fantastic.

First, you should see the play because their special effects are spectacular. When Marley went to visit Scrooge, they had loud noises, and they had lights that change the mood of the stage.

Secondly, the play makes the story more interesting. For example, when all of the ghosts came and visited Scrooge, it made the story more thrilling, and exciting because you see the details in person.

Lastly, it's just a fun experience to go and see the actors act. Also, it is fun to see how the stage looks, and how they move things around the stage. In conclusion, there are many reasons to see this play. I enjoyed the special effects, and watching the actors perform. I highly recommend this play.


Scrooge had to sacrifice his money. For example, when Scrooge donated money to poor families, and he gave bob cratchit a raise. I sacrificed my own time by fostering a rescue dog. I had to help to take care of her. I had to take her on walks, feed her, and play with her.