The Smart Pen

By Brenda Stephens

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Basic Components

According to Andrew Leibs:

A smartpen is a high-tech writing tool that records spoken words and synchronizes them with notes users write on special paper. A student can thus record everything a teacher says and later replay any part of a lecture by tapping the pen's tip on words written throughout the class.

A Review and Demonstration by a Member of

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Use in the K-12 Learning Environment

The Smart Pen can be used for all grade levels by students and teachers. Students can take notes in the Smart pen Notebook. These notes can then be uploaded to a computer in a neat type set. If the student touches any of the words in the notes he/she has written on the notepad, the words become audible. There are tabs at the bottom of each page of the notebook to touch to hear the notes or upload to a computer.

In the early elementary grades, a child can read orally while the teacher uses the Smart Pen to record what he/she says. The student can then touch each word on the notepad to hear if they pronounced each word correctly. The Smart Pen could also be used in art classes to record students drawing in a digital medium.

Teachers can use the Smart Pen to write out lecture notes which can be uploaded to a Promethean screen or posted on a web site.