Ancient Greece and The Roman Empire

By: Mackenzie Hall


I am doing this project on Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. I have learned a lot about both topics. My favorite sections from both topics are A Whole Nation goes on Strike (the Roman Empire) and Various Types of Government (Ancient Greece). Both topics are interesting in there own ways and you will learn a lot if you read just like I did so lets get started.

A Whole Nation Goes on Strike (The Roman Empire)

To right their Nation the Plebeians went on a general strike. In 494 B.C. the Plebeians marched out of Rome and threatened to make a new city. They agreed to cancel all dept's and release people who were put in jail for dept's. Plebeians achieved further goals. The strike terrified Partricans . Rome received the first written law code in 451-50 B.C.

The Punic Wars (The Roman Empire)

The Punic Wars began in 464 B.C. War forces had turned Rome into a Nation of soldiers. They were the only remaining. The courage of Rome was tested in a disastrous series of wars. The second Punic war was Hannibal. Rome savagely attacked it's defeated rival.

The City of Seven Hills (The Roman Empire)

In the hill country to the west lived the Sabines. On the Bann of the Timber river are 7 low hills. Wealthy Extrucans lived north of the river. Halfway down the Itallian Peninsula lived the Timber river. Settlements were built on other hills. The towns on the seven hills joined to make one city.

Various types of government (Ancient Greece)

The Athens are the Government of many states. Tyrants taught people their rights. Among the Nobles a third stage appeared. Tyranny was the third type of government. Monarchy gave way to Oligarchy. Suddenly a power loomed in the East.

The Beginning's of Ancient Greece (Ancient Greece)

The story of Ancient Greece began between the 1900s and the 1600s B.C. Their language shows they were Europeans. The Heleens were simple herdsman. The first invaders were fair-haired Achens. The Greek invaders were still in the Barbarian stage.They invaded land of well-developed civilization.

Slavery in Ancient Greece (Ancient Greece)

When a city is bought it's citizens become slaves. Avery large population was not free. Slavery in Greece was a peculiar institution. 2\5 of the population were slaves.


I learned a lot about Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. I hope you did too! My report has a lot of true facts and could be worth good education for your kids. Anyone would like this kind of information and many people can learn a great deal about what they want and that is a true fact and i hope you are a interested in this as much as i am and my favorite parts about these topics are Slavery in Ancient Greece (Ancient Greece) and The Punic wars (The Roman Empire). I hope you enjoyed this assignment maybe i will write another next year!