Treeline Elementary School

2021-2022 Newsletter, September Issue

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Coqui Notes from the Principal...

First and most of all, I would like to thank our parents and families for your patience and understanding since the start of the school year. We were expecting a smooth blast off, instead experienced some turbulence. The Department of Health was backed up due to the number of cases in our community which prevented us from communicating to our Treeline families. To counteract what our surrounding community and the state are experiencing with Covid, Treeline’s Safety Protocols have been placed below. Luckily, we kept many of the same procedures from last year.

As many of you know, the Lee County District is requiring all students and staff to wear masks beginning on Wednesday, September 1st as a mitigating measure to slow the spread of Covid. Treeline Elementary respectfully asks to not place us in the middle of the mask requirement. We are here to educate your children while creating a caring environment. We understand parents have different beliefs and ask for you to voice those to the School District. We are doing our best and have been stretched thin with the surge in cases. Masks will be available on buses and at our entrance. Please understand children will not be allowed in the classroom without a mask. Treeline graciously thanks you for your willingness to let us concentrate on the teaching and learning of your child.

Safety Protocols in Place

  • For all students, breakfast is grab and go.
  • One-way hallways during arrival and dismissal.
  • Lunch tables were kept the same as last year with all students facing forward and tables separated.
  • We also mirrored our classroom seating charts with lunch seating charts to minimize any possible exposures as if they were sitting in the classroom.
  • All desks are facing forward.
  • All our sanitizing stations are still up and active. Staff have their own PPE products and requests are filled as they need additional items. We will continue to emphasize hand sanitizing and washing with our students.
  • Most students are bringing their own water bottles. If students don’t have water bottles, we are still providing cups like last year.
  • We started the year with no volunteers on campus and will continue with this policy.
  • When we have a positive case, we have a deep cleaning process that is followed as well as a regular cleaning schedule.
  • Our Isolation Room is still active, a continuation from last year.
  • School meetings, including parent meetings will now be virtual.
  • Fourth and fifth grade students who have two teachers: teachers will be moving classes instead of students which we added as an extra safety precaution.

The student protocols flowchart is linked below which explains procedures for symptoms, exposures and positive cases. For positive exposures, we are required to wait on a return date from the Department of Health. Please complete the Covid form,, if your child has been exposed outside of school and ALL positive results. It’s very important for us to be aware as soon as possible so we can keep everyone healthy.

For those who would like to pursue a home school option for your child, the information links have been placed below.

The District is offering an educational service called Connect with Lee. Live teachers are available during the school day as well as evenings to ensure students have access to extra assistance. The flyer is clickable and will provide step-by-step instructions.

We are finishing the parent pick-up line at 3:30 now that families have gotten into a routine. Thank you in advance for picking your child up on time, allowing our staff to leave for their own family responsibilities and other duties on campus.

Due to a supply chain issue, the lunch menu has been altered for the month of September. The new lunch menu is attached at the bottom of this newsletter.

Thank you again for your diligence in keeping children home when they are not feeling well. This helps Treeline and our community stay healthy.

Mrs. Wilcken

Student Protocols Flowchart

The flowchart provides details on the District process for symptoms, exposures and positive cases.

Connect with Lee

Certified teachers, Live Educational Experts, will be available to assist students having difficulties completing instructional questions on classwork assignments.

Upcoming Events...

  • 9/6- Labor Day, No School
  • 9/7- SAC/PTO Meeting @ 6:00 PM via Zoom
  • 9/16 Yom Kippur: No School
  • 9/17- Mighty Mussels Game Spirit Night @ 7:00 PM (Look for the link below to buy tickets)
  • 9/23- Fall Pictures (Regular Uniform Day)

Join us as the Fort Myers Mighty Mussels take on the Tampa Tarpons for a Friday Night of fun with fellow students and faculty. Wear your school colors and come cheer on the Mighty Mussels.

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