The Smile of a Dentist

Made By: Mantas Z.

7 Things About a Dentist

Description: Dentists treat and diagnose people with dental problems.

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities: They take care of the gums, roots, and teeth of their patients.

Education and Training:

Dentists need to be licensed, but every state is different. Applicants need to graduate from an accredited dental school and pass written and practical. To become a dentist it usually takes around 4 years.

Preferred Job Skills: Dexterity / Patience / Critical Thinking

Job Outlook: It will increase a lot over the next years.

Salary: $146,000

Work Environment: Private Dentists / Dental Offices / Hazards for moving is germ safety.

No advancements for moving.

Career Connections:

"Everyday you get the chance to offer real, concrete solutions and actually fix things for people."

"People may not realize that there is a lot of creativity to being a dentist. On some levels it’s very pragmatic and scientific, but the actual work is like carving or sculpting. It is an art. You also have many opportunities to use your creativity for problem solving."

All you need to know about a dentist:

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High School Preperation

Related Courses at Leyden:

Physics - Biology

Anything science or anatomy related is good for becoming a dentist, because it offers a variety on the topic of science.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Unfortunately, Leyden does not offer anything related to dentistry.

Work and/or Volunteer Experience:

You can possibly visit a dental school and you could ask and or see procedures and learn more about a dentist.


  1. Ms. G - Science Teacher, School District #212

  2. Your dentist - Dentist, Location where your dentist is

  3. Dr. Ilyas Ahmed, DDS, Dental Starz LLC

These 3 people all have a vast experience in the field of medical things. I mean the best person to ask, would be the dentist himself!

Richard Malouf: On Becoming A Dentist

Post-Secondary Plans

Related College Majors:

Physics, Biology, Anatomy, anything science related.

Training Programs or Certificate Courses:

Bachelor’s Degree - Dental School

Internship / Apprenticeship Opportunities:

American Student Dental Association

This helps you prepare for a future of becoming a dentist.

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