Bram Stoker

When and where was Stoker born?

He was born on Nov/8/1847 in Dublin Ireland.

He was one of the seven children of his Father Abraham Stoker and his mother Charlotte.

What was his first literary work and when?

He published his first literary work in 1879 by the name of "The duties of Clerk of pretty session in Ireland".

How many story did Stoker write and what was the most success one?

He wrote 12 story, his most success story was Dracula that he published in 1897. Dracula inspired creation of numerous theatrical and film adaptation. Example: 1931 was the year that a movie was released by the name of Dracula by starring of Bale.

What was the most important job that Stoker had in his life?

After 10 years working in Civil services, he left his position at Dublin Ireland. Around that time he met a famous English actor Henry Irvine and so quickly they became friend around 1870. Henry offered a management position at his production company in England , Stoker accepted and he worked there for 30 years.
Dracula (9/10) Movie CLIP - Dracula and Van Helsing (1931) HD

When did Stoker die?

On 4/20/1912 Stoker died in London at the age of 65.


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