Health Careers

By:Hannah Crowder

3 jobs that's Interesting,colleges I would attend & how much money I want to make:

Three jobs that's interesting to me is:

  • Radiologist assistant
  • RN registered nurse
  • Physical therapist
I 'm interested in those three jobs because i would love to care for people and help them either improve in their health and have them feeling better by finding out the root of the problem that's effecting their health.

The colleges or university I would attend is:

  • Clemson university
  • Winston Salem university
  • Livingstone college
I want to make at least $40,000 and up because you would be able to provide for your family and also buy and have the things you want in life.

Radiologist assisant

Salary Range:$200,00-$400,00

They are physicians who specialize in the use of X-rays and other imaging procedures like (CT cat scan,(PET) Position emission tomography,(MRI) magnetic resonance imaging and a ultrasound. They perform things that the patients have been referred to radiology by their primary doctor.

Working environment:Radiologists work as medical leaders in the radiology department

Specialization:to diagnose injury and disease in pediatrics,vascular and neuroradiology

Education requirements:complete college and four years of medical school.Then five additional years of training in a radiology care unit.

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RN (Registered Nurse)

Salary Range:$39,000-$41,000

Specialization:They care for patients who promote their physical,mental and social brings. Their duties that are performed is monitoring the patient status and their progress,providing care and rehabilitation,medication,and advising the families of the patients the health measures.

Working environment:nurses are found in hospitals,rehabilitation and long-term facilities,retirement communities,health organizations,outpatient surgical centers,urgent care,birthing centers,mental health units,home health and schools.

Education requirements:You must complete a professional nursing program,get your bachelors degree at a four year college and you must pass The National Council License Examination for Registered Nurses.

Physical therapist

Salary range:$40,000-$85,000

Specialization:they provide services to patients and clients who have functional limitations,disabilities or changes in in physical function and health status from an disease or injury.They have programs to help people gain strength,flexibility with their physical functioning. They also try to do things to lessen the pain and prevent other injury's.

Work environment:they are employed in hospitals,rehabilitation centers,nursing homes,home health agencies,public and private schools,industry,private practice,education and research centers,hospices,industrial health centers and fitness centers.

Education requirements:You must graduate from a clinical masters or clinical doctor degree program. Study anatomy and physiology,skeletal and neuromuscular disorders,educational methods and clinical practice. They must also complete a licensing examination of State Boards of Physical Therapy.