2014 MVP2 Exposure @ Towson

June 20-22 2014

We will practice this week Tuesday and Wednesday

Mr. Spencer is willing to transport long poles for this trip leave them with him after practice Wednesday.

We will need a cooler (on wheels) for the weekend. If you are able to transport please let me know Wednesday at practice.

Check-in & Check-out Information

Check in will occur promptly at 3:00 so that they boys have time to get settled and prepared for their first game @ 6:00 p.m.

Glen Towers Dormitories

Cross Campus Drive

Towson University

Towson, MD 21252

The boys will be given a meal card and a key please find a way for them to manage both (lost keys and meal cards are $200 each).

Game Schedule


6:30 PM Stickhead Varsity vs MD Legacy 2015/2012 (Field 2)


8:00 AM Stickhead Varsity vs SJ Shamrocks Shore (Field 1)

12:00 PM Jersey Makos Varsity vs Stickhead Varsity (Field4)

4:00 PM Stickhead Varisty vs TEAM AND LOCATION TBA


10 AM Stickhead Varsity vs TEAM AND LOCATION TBA

Times are subject to change....we will communicate via Remind 101

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It has been advised that we provide some healthy snacks to hold the boys between practices, breaks and so on.... Below you will find a link to sign up.


Please have your player pack a water bottle

Local Places To Eat Around Towson

Thanks to Coach Grace a "local" below you find a link to a list of restaurants in the area; that you might enjoy between games.


If you or your player have not signed up for the text alert, please do so this is how the coaches will communicate the boys during the tournament.

S & J Crab Ranch

Friday, June 20th, 8pm

2 W Pennsylvania Ave

Towson, MD