Wildcat Newsletter

December 2016/January 2017

Note from Principal

Dear Parents,

Leander ISD has identified 7 student behaviors that directly impact student learning and create a high level of student engagement in our classrooms. We continually strive to ensure every student reaches high levels of academic success here at Whitestone Elementary. The 7 behaviors we've identified as most important on our journey to have students own their learning are:

  • Students can articulate the learning objective and find meaning in their learning.
  • Students assess their progress toward achieving the current learning target.
  • Students utilize classroom processes created for intervention and challenge.
  • Students understand and use a variety of learning strategies and tools to help them learn.
  • Students are interacting and engaged in their learning.
  • Students set learning goals and track their progress on an on-going basis.
  • Students produce evidence of their learning aligned with the learning target.

It is exciting to visit classrooms and see these student learning behaviors in action. We encourage parents to use this vocabulary at home to ask students about their learning.


Rebecca Webster

Whitestone Elementary

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