Marine Corps JROTC

Important Information

Parents and Students:

As you may recall from Mrs. Bullock's (Superintendent) yesterday, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) continues to issue new, and sometimes more stringent, guidance concerning on-campus interaction between students and faculty. As a result, we are maintaining a low center of gravity in order to react effectively to this new and extremely fluid planning environment. As TEA guidance has made our current Summer Program plans untenable as a result of distancing and interaction requirements. Rather than limiting the number of new Cadets who could attend the Summer program, we have made a few changes that will allow us to attend to the current number of respondents AND adhere to TEA guidance. As the primary concern was classroom space during lectures and lessons, all lessons will be conducted online each Monday. All other training will be conducted outdoors were space is not an issue. As a result of lectures being removed from the daily schedule, the program hours have been reduced to 08:00 to 10:00. The days ( Monday through Thursday) remain unchanged. Each Monday, I will publish a newsletter that will contain a link to that week's lesson. Cadets enrolled in CSP will complete the lesson and be prepared to discuss what they learned throughout the remainder of that week.

Next Week's Lesson:

Next week's lesson is on "Introduction to MCJROTC Leadership Education". I'm posting this a few days early because I also want to get the permission forms (below) sent out in time to have the completed by next week. Students will receive two grades for each lesson - a participation grade and a quiz grade.

The participation grade is calculated by your responses to all "in lesson" questions and exercises. The quiz grade is calculated by your percentage of correct answers on the quiz. However, not all lessons will have an associated quiz. Your assignment can be accessed at this link: INTRO TO MCJROTC LEADERSHIP EDUCATION

Parental Permission Forms

Parents: Please complete and sign the permission form located at the link below. There is no need to print this form. After you've clicked "Complete", the form will be automatically sent to us. Please complete this form by the first day of training, next week.


Sports Physical

Parents: Students are required to undergo the standard "sports physical" that all athletes undergo. If your student plays a sport and has already has a sports physical on file for this coming academic year, please email me and let me know. If not, you may download the blank physical form at the link below. Please print this form and take it to your family doctor or other physician for completion and signature. Please deliver this to me as soon as possible. I will accept scanned copies of the completed form via email.


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