Starting Middle School

Elissa Flowers

first day of middle school

The first day will be a mess you can get lost you can meet new people at the same time its really cool people think but once you get in you will wish it ended.I will help you on your journey threw the school.

locker problems

*you have to unlock it from right left right in order for it to work.

*people will always be in front of your locker it happens to me all the time.

*the locker can get jam and your teacher will have a key for you to unlock it.

*always beat the rush A.K.A the standpead of people behind you.


there is always drama going on in this school even in 6th and they just got here but you can handle it i bet i know you can get into and out of drama. Im not talking about the class drama ether its hard to find a friend that doesn't like drama in there life here but me and my friends there is always a roller coster up and down up and down and it can be good and bad in this place. but if your one of the cool kids aka mean girls no one will be friends with you unless there scared of you or that you will back mail them.