Patriot News

November 2021

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Message from Principal Dr. Gideon and Assistant Principal Mr. Cowart

Greetings Eisenhower Patriot Students and Families,

We have made it to November. October was a challenging month for our students as they were assessed several times. We are proud of the work they have accomplished during this time. Thank you for encouraging and preparing students during October. We have information about Season one sports that we can celebrate, and have information about Season two sports. Also, for climate and culture we are celebrating students who embody the Patriot Code to Be Safe, Respectful, and Be Responsible.

We do need your assistance regarding student behavior related to tardy, profanity, and bus behavior. Also, keep an eye on your students as the winter season approaches. Statistically speaking is a challenging time for students nationwide. Do check-ins on your students to make sure they are doing well emotionally.


Our season one sports were a huge success. Our softball team ended the year with a 5-0-2 record. The girls played extremely well and we were able to float in JV’s in all but 1 game. Everyone learned so much and grew. It was one of the best years we’ve have had, especially given all the dynamics with having a year off and COVID. Our football team fielded 22 young men, many of whom have never played a snap of football before, and played every game with toughness and ferocity. It was a great year to build a foundation for the future and get student athletes reconnected with school and life following a year and half off. And finally, our cross country team was HUGE. They fielded almost 70 student athletes and competed in several races, with the vast majority of athletes improving on their times. The highlight of the season was the slushy run, where they got to run to a gas station, grab a slushy, and run back. It was a ton of fun and can’t wait until next year.

Our season 2 sports kicked off this week with soccer tryouts for both boys and girls. Basketball and volleyball start soon as well, and tryouts are still open for 7th and 8th graders.


We rolled out some fun rewards and activities for students who demonstrate extraordinary moments of living the Patriot Code. Students earn Patriot Award Tickets for being safe, respectful, or responsible. With these tickets, students may participate in popcorn lunches on Fridays, and some students get to be the lunch DJ and choose music for the grade to listen to while they eat. It’s been a TON of fun, so encourage your student to continue to earn PAT tickets.

Behavior priorities

Our biggest priorities when it comes to improving behavior are tardies to class, phones, and profanity on campus. The tardy to class policy is that all students must arrive to class on time, before the tardy bell, or they are marked tardy. Some consequences for being tardy are lunch detention, calls home, and after school detention. The phone policy is that all phones must be turned off and in backpacks at all times. If we see a student on their phone, they must turn it into the office and get it back at the end of the day. No profanity is allowed at school at any time. However, profanity has been a big challenge these past few weeks, especially in hallways and lunches. Please talk to your children about using profanity at school and the importance of not using it in professional settings. Finally, bus behavior is another priority. Please speak with your children about behaving on the bus at all times, and remind them that the bus is an extension of being at school, and all expectations apply.

Dr. G


Mr. Cowart

Assistant Principal

Dangerous TikTok Challenges

Would you please speak with your students regarding the dangers of the TikTok monthly challenges? There is a Tiktok challenge for this month where students are tasked to kiss a friends girlfriend/boyfriend at school. Would you please talk to your students about how dangerous this activity is and how it may cause serious challenges if they participate in this Tiktok? These actions are harmful.


Parents want to find out ways to support our students? Please Join PTSA? You can Sign up Easily online using this QR Code below.

For more INFORMATION & UPDATES about the PTSA, follow us on Instagram @IKEPTSA & Facebook or visit our website at

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2021 High School & Beyond Event

SAVE THE DATE! The High School & Beyond event will be completely virtual again this year. We have partnered with VisitDays to design remote opportunities for students and families to connect with colleges and universities from all over the country. Washington-specific schools will be highlighted, including our local community colleges. The live event will take place on Thursday, November 4th from 6 – 10 p.m. The link to the virtual event site will be available soon, but in the meantime, mark your calendars for this upcoming opportunity to visit, ask questions, and explore several post-high school options!

Let’s Connect – save the date

Mark your calendars. You are invited to connect with Dr. Gideon from Eisenhower Middle School and engage in conversation on Monday, November 15 from 6pm – 6:45 p.m.

We want to hear from you and hope you can attend a Zoom meeting to share your thoughts. Please check your email shortly for an invitation to connect with your school’s regional superintendent and other district leaders. An RSVP is required to receive the link for the meeting. Let’s Connect!


Dr. Wilnic Gideon

Natural Leaders

Who are Natural Leaders? We are a multicultural/multilingual group of parents who organize to represent the diversity in our community. We honor the multiple voices of our parents and students to ensure everyone is represented. We want to create more equity and access to all the students and families.

How Natural Leaders Help: Parents take on a leadership role and build relationships with families in their community, identify what helps these families be successful with education, and then implement these ideas. A driving focus for Natural Leaders is collaborative community organizing where parents are equal partners with schools and community organizations sharing a common goal of both adults and children achieving success in education. Natural Leaders serve as multi-cultural bridges between students, families, communities, and schools.

Native American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month

November is Native American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month. What started at the turn of the century as an effort to gain a day of recognition for the significant contributions the first Americans made to the establishment and growth of the U.S., has resulted in a whole month being designated for that purpose.

Daylight Saving Time Ends

November 7, 2021, Daylight Savings Time Ends and we “fall back” one hour.

Remember to vote Nov. 2

Remember to deliver your ballot to a ballot drop box near you or put it in the mail by Nov. 2 – postage is not required for ballots.