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Welcome to "Say Who??? Youth Leaders of the VEYM Mid-Atlantic Region"! This is a bi-monthly publication highlighting one MTĐ youth leader. In our last publication, we highlighted MTĐ's Energetic Youth Leader Tr. Maria Định Trâm Anh. This week, we are highlighting a special Youth Leader who was nominated because of his dedication and love he pours out to his Chapter, as a Don Bosconian put it:

Anh Giang sacrifices a lot of time and gives a lot effort to make Đoàn Don Bosco as best and as fun possible. He's not only there to make TNTT fun, but also to connect us closer to God. With every activity he does, he finds some way to connect us to God, by either giving us a lesson about God or the Bible. He is a great Youth Leader and role model for all the TNTTers here a Don Bosco.... drum-roll please...

Tr. Phanxicô Xaviê Phạm Thanh Giang

President at the Don Bosco Chapter

  • Nickname? "Monkhi", a combination of Monkey and Khỉ
  • Chapter? Đoàn Don Bosco in Richmond, Virginia
  • Years in TNTT? 14 ROCK SOLID Years! (since Ấu Nhi)
  • Love TNTT? "I love Thiếu Nhi because I feel like I’m myself more when I’m around TNTTers. They don’t judge me for doing something crazy! Not only do I enjoy coming every Sunday to help and hang out with the kids, I love seeing their smile as it gives me the energy to serve them even more... sharing the same love for each other through Christ."
  • Favorite Bible Verse? “Phúc cho những ai không thấy mà tin” because "what I see is not always true and what I'm unable to see does not means it does not exist, like God. This quote helps strengthen my faith in God's existence."
  • Did you Know? Rumor has it that he is awesome at sports. Not only did he run track and play football during high school, he has mad basketball skills. Now you know who to pick for your football team!
  • Most Random Fact? He is ethnically Vietnamese, born in Malaysia , and a citizen of the United States = VietLayCan

Anh Giang's Many Looks

November 2014 - Pub 03