Canada 2035

will Canada be the greatest country to live in 2035?


hi. In this smore i will tell you all the reasons why Canada will be the greatest country to live in 2035. We will look at graphs listen to some videos and basically generalize all the key reasons why Canada is what it is. I will answer question and more

Canada's current populations and immigration

With Canada's population and immigration stats growing. For some immigrants Canada is an ideal place to move too cause of it freedom of rights, great education and open businesses. Canada will attract immigrants who are forced out of their country cause of pull factors for example war, famine, natural disasters. Allowing more immigrants to come to Canada will increase the population like how it was for the past 30 years Canada. This graph shows Canada current population graph
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issues that the first nations and metis face

The aboriginal people are the first ones to step foot on this land, and are native and familiar with it. But however we as non native Canadians and the government are not treating them with first class respect. Over the past couple of years first nations have tried to keep parts of their land from the government and other environmental company's. First nations have been dealing with all sorts of problems. For example a small native town called fort Chipewyan has been dealing with oil company pipeline issues for quite a while now. The oil started killing the fish their main source of and causing cancer for some nearby residents. "Ever since the white man came to Canada our true identity has been lost" says a metes leader. The first nations people have started all sorts of demonstration peaceful protest but non of them has seen to be having an effect on the government and the non Aboriginal citizens of Canada

Canada's physical enviornment

Canada is really known for its cold and icy temperature in the winter season.Canada is often associated with cold weather and snow, but in reality, its climate is as diverse as its landscape. Generally, Canadians enjoy four very simple seasons, particularly in the more populated regions along the US border. Daytime summer temperatures can rise to 35°C and higher, while lows of -25°C are not uncommon in winter. More simpler temperatures are not normal in spring and fall. Canada is located up north above the tropic of cancer which means it won't always be hot in Canada. Its also has 7 land form regions that makes the country stand out. The western cordillera From West to East, is composed of three sub-regions, each one running from north to south. The interior plateux a highland flat area like British Columbia that is a mixture of mountain places and flatland. And in this picture it shows the land regions and vegetation zones i have not talked about.
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Canada's future resorces and industries

Canada current important resource is oil but in the long run the tables will turn. Canada most important resource will be water because right know Canada's most valuable resource is water.Canadians will never go thirsty. With over one million lakes, including part ownership of the Great Lakes, and massive ice fields, Canada is home to nearly nine per cent of the world's supply of fresh water. But with a population of less than one per cent of the world's total, Canada has a lot of room for water exports. In time, those exports might be more valuable than the 170 billion barrels of oil that are trapped in the country's oil sands in Alberta. Canada can manage their resource sustainable by minimizing pollution by creating an eco friendly zone. For example preventing green house gases from entering the the water, and also try to prevent people from dumping.

Canada's trade and globalized orginization

Canada's trade and globalization will make Canada a resourceful area for trade. Canada's top trading partners are considered Canada is the most trustful partner they can trade with but in 2035 Canada has to start taking trading into a bigger consideration Like is said before Canada's number one most valuable resource is water so exporting water will make Canada more into the game, and Canada's top trading partners (China, USA, Japan, UK) will always look to Canada for any water exports. Canada should also be more involved into imports. Canada is also short on some food supplies and products so buying imports will not only earn them more resources but will also start mutual trade partner friendship, Which means that for example when another country trades or buys from another country it will creat a friendship some what.

Where will most of Canada be living in 2035?

Canada's future plans are to create more towns and city the are more green then they are today. 29% of Canada's population will start living very closer to cities and the other 71% will in the suburbs or farther out in the city. This is because most people are taking effect by urban sprawl and can't get away from it. But what also Canada is considiring is to make there neighborhoods more green and sustainable. In this video it talks about sustianbility in one city.
City of Kingston - Sustainability Video