Grade 5

Jan 11th - Jan 15h, 2015

Unit Of Inquiry

As we come to the end of our unit, students are working hard on creating written reports and presentations (PowerPoint or Prezie) on a student-chosen tool that has helped us make sense of earth and its environment. Students are using research skills to create notes on their tool, making sure to source the information they find in a correct manner. Next week students will be presenting their tool to the class :)


Fifth graders are continuing to learn to solve complex problems with complex numbers. They divide whole numbers, with and without remainders. They make connections between decimals, fractions, and percentages. They learn to add and subtract fractions, turn mixed fractions into improper fractions ( and vice-versa) and they apply these skills to the real world by solving problems about time, measurement, and money.


Denominator: The number below the line in a fraction. The denominator indicates what kind or size of parts the numerator counts.
Numerator: The term above the line in a fraction. The numerator tells how many parts are being talked about or considered.

Percent: A fraction or ratio in which the denominator is 100.


Please bring in your Field Trip slip for the MIA

Head Challenge

In conjunction with the preparation for the International Family Food Fair the school is producing a recipe book and the challenge is for students to bring in a page for this recipe book. Entries should be on an A4 piece of paper and be neatly and carefully presented. These will be brought together in a book and sold to raise funds. Entries can be done by hand or on the computer but should not be copy and pasted from the internet.