"NEITQUETTE" by: Autumn Sampson

what not to do on the internet!

  • When your on the internet you might want to watch what you put on it.
  • Don`t say where your going to be in 3 hours cause everyone can see that post.
  • Don`t just say what your doing at your house or what is going on cause you have certain people just waiting for a chance to get near you.
  • Don`t just pick someone to talk to on facebook if you do not know them outside of the internet cause you don`t know who they really are.
  • Now one thing you should always remember is don`t put your words in all caps, because the person on the other end might read to much into it and think your yelling at them or mad at them when your just really excited but they don`t know that.

What you should do on the internet!

  • What you can do is friend everybody that you know from school or work.
  • if your birthday is comeing up inbox all of your friends and family so they know when and where its going to be.
  • If you know how to do faces on the internet or your phone then you should do that to express your mood to the person your talking to.